Use the inputs below to generate your widget:

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Copy the following code snippet to your clipboard:

<div id="stamped-reviews-widget" data-widget-type="carousel"></div>

Use the snippet in your template or liquid files. Do note that you can replace the values with variable or liquid tags (e.g. {{}})


Place the carousel in crucial conversion pages e.g. Shopping Cart. Showcase only reviews that the customers has added in their cart (this can be done using cart's product Id in liquid file), giving your customers confidence to make their purchase and click on the Checkout button!

{% assign productIds = "" %}
{% for item in cart.items %}
{% assign productIds = | append:',' | append: productIds%}
{% endfor %}
{% assign size = productIds | size | minus: 1 %}

<div id="stamped-reviews-widget" data-product-ids="{{ productIds | slice: 0, size }}" data-widget-type="carousel" data-limit-words="30" data-fill-empty="true" data-random="true"></div>