What is Black Friday?

Black Friday falls on the last Thursday of November and historically has been one of the largest retail shopping events of the holiday season. In earlier years, physical brick-and-mortar retailers would be packed shoulder to shoulder with eager shoppers looking to score product discounts in preparation for the impending and expensive holiday season. The Monday following the event became known as 'Cyber Monday,' an exclusively online sales event to encourage customers to continue shopping from home and extend one last opportunity for consumers to take advantage of store discounts.

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Black Friday
Our mission

How can Stamped.io prepare you for your most successful BFCM event yet?

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    AI eCommerce Marketing

    As an AI eCommerce marketing platform we are the conduit for entrepreneurs to connect with like minded individuals and build a community around their products and story.

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    Two-Way Communication

    Not only do we provide the solutions that allow merchants to optimize customer acquisition through our Reviews and Ratings Solution; we provide the smart tools to ensure a natural, relevant, and timely exchange with your customers, to consistently provide value, and allow you to meet them where they are in the customer journey with our Loyalty & Rewards Program.

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    Actionable Insights

    Through enabling active listening and providing clear analytics and automated workflows, merchants can accurately act on the information for stepwise brand development and accelerated business growth.

Loyalty & Rewards

By 2023 eCommerce will make up 22% of global retail sales, with the growing number of eCommerce websites being a major contributing factor. With many available options for consumers, sellers have to look for new ways to set their brand apart and retain their customer base.

According to Periscope's recent Retail reimagined report, brand loyalty remains low. 40% of consumers have shopped with a new retailer this year. This trend continues into the festive season, with only 12% intending to stick with the same retailers they shopped with last year.

Black Friday provides a critical opportunity to leverage a strategic loyalty and rewards program to increase customer retention and maximize your recurring revenue. According to Gartner Group statistics, 80% of your future profits come from just 20% of existing customers. So it's crucial to include this in your marketing mix well ahead of the big day.

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Reviews and Ratings/
Mobile Shopping Optimization

Brands that feature user-generated content on their website have seen a 29% increase in conversion rate. This is particularly important for clothing brands as the top product category on BFCM.

Your customers are actively seeking unfiltered reviews to increase their confidence in purchasing decisions. With Stamped.io, we make it easy to generate and repurpose UGC across your social media, ad campaigns, marketing efforts and website.

Not only do we provide an omnichannel workflow for you to share your UGC, customers can also browse and buy from a curated shoppable gallery of your IG user-generated content featured directly on your website. Choose from filter options to curate your UGC for a consistent and on brand customer experience.

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