The Best Loyalty App for Shopify:
customer retentionSep 27, 2021

The Best Loyalty App for Shopify:

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What is the best loyalty app for Shopify?

If you’re already using Shopify Rewards, you may not have considered setting up another loyalty program.

But when you combine the best loyalty app for Shopify with your Shopify Rewards, you’ll maximize your reach to catapult sales and boost customer engagement. 

You’ll also have a surefire way to increase your customer base while lowering customer acquisition costs.

Sound too good to be true? 

We’ll show you how all those perks are possible in today’s guide. You’ll learn why Loyalty & Rewards is the best in its class and how to use it to level up your Shopify store’s success.

3 Reasons Loyalty & Rewards is The Best Loyalty App for Shopify

The goal of Shopify Rewards is to help store owners engage with their customers to encourage greater profitability and loyalty.

Loyal customers are your brand’s pride and joy

They keep coming back to make additional purchases instead of shopping at your competitor’s store. And if you prove your value, these customers will eagerly recommend your store to everyone they know.

When you combine your Shopify Rewards with our loyalty app, you can take these capabilities even further.

That’s because our tool helps incentivize your customers the right way.

It gets your customers excited to rack up loyalty rewards. And it actually motivates customers to refer others to your brand.

That’s why it earned the title of The Best Loyalty App for Shopify. Just check out these three key features to see why it stands out from the rest:

1. You Can Create Customizable Pages That Fit Seamlessly With Your Brand

Your loyalty program should feel like it’s part of your brand, not a third-party’s website. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with our tool. 

Our loyalty software allows you to create customizable pages that mesh seamlessly with your brand’s colors, images, logo, and vibe.

The end result makes the integration seem as if it was specifically designed just for your brand. Your customers may even think you created it yourself (impressive!).

Why do aesthetics matter so much?

Because your customers trust your brand. And if they’re going to trust your loyalty and rewards program, it has to look like it’s part of your in-store universe.

When things seem off-brand, it takes customers out of your carefully and thoughtfully created shopping experience. Then they may be suspicious and hesitant to sign up for your program.

A seamless integration welcomes shoppers into an exclusive club, making a natural progression from casual shopping to incentivized shopping. 

2. Our Comprehensive Settings Help You Create Rewards People Actually Want 

There’s no use creating an on-brand loyalty program if your customers aren’t excited about the rewards they may earn. 

You may think they’re enough to incentivize repeat purchases, but how will you know if your shoppers feel the same way? What if they can’t see themselves actually using those rewards?

We know: they won’t sign up for your program.

That’s why our tool helps you discover which incentives excite your shoppers and motivate them to take action.

Using different settings, you can choose from a variety of referral rewards -- from accumulating points for free shipping to store discounts and free samples -- so you can see which resonate best.

When your team has this data, you can pause rewards that don’t drive shoppers and focus more on the incentives that do. 

You’ll create a customized loyalty and rewards experience that’s tailored specifically to your customers’ shopping behavior, motivations, and wants. 

How could that not lead to happier customers and more sales?

3. VIP Tiers Help You Reward Your Best Customers Even More

Another stand-out feature is the ability to create VIP tiers that help you reward your most loyal customers. 

So instead of using a one-size-fits-all loyalty program, you can show these top customers just how much you appreciate them. You’ll quickly build long-term relationships that just keep on giving.

You might also create more VIP customers in the process.

When shoppers see how many points they need to reach VIP status, they may look at their purchases like a game. 

For example, if they only need 50 more points to reach the next level, they may be more inclined to add another item to their shopping cart to do so, especially if the rewards in that tier are too good to pass up.

So now that you know the top three features that make our tool the best loyalty app for Shopify, let’s talk about how to get the most use out of it.

How to Use the Best Loyalty App for Shopify: Loyalty & Rewards

Loyalty & Rewards is an excellent tool for increasing engagement and boosting repeat purchases while slashing your customer acquisition costs.

But that’s only if you know how to get your customers to take advantage of your offers.

So follow these three easy steps to get them on board:

1. Create a Loyalty & Referral Program Worth Using

The first step is to create a loyalty and referral program that gets your customers excited to join.

This means starting out with the actual rewards themselves and figuring out what your customers are motivated by most.

Is it free shipping?

Discounts on upcoming purchases?

Using rewards points for free products or even gift cards?

What will people get for referring others to your brand?

Since you know your customers better than anyone, your job is to choose the best incentives you can offer to get shoppers to take action. You should also come up with your VIP tiers and how you’ll reward your most loyal customers. 

Make sure to give your customers something juicy when they refer others to your brand too. After all, people trust referrals from those they know. So your customer referrals could prove to be a high-converting lane -- without you spending nearly as much to acquire these customers.

When you have all this mapped out, your next step is to build your loyalty rewards page so customers can clearly see what’s in it for them.

Check out these two fantastic examples shown below for some inspiration on how to do this:

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Pretty awesome, right?

Don’t worry if you’re not sure which way to go here just yet. You can play around with these customizable features once you’re in our tool. Then you can test them out over time to find the sweet spot with your customers.

As you build out your loyalty and rewards program, take this next point into consideration too:

2. Make It Super Easy for Customers to Refer People

A referral program is a cost-effective tool for helping you maximize the power of word-of-mouth.

But when it comes to referrals, you have to do some of the heavy lifting for your customers by making it super simple for them to send others your way.

If your customers have to jump through too many hoops to share the word about your store, they more than likely won’t bother.

So how do you make it easy for customers to refer people to your brand?

By giving them the ability to share their referral on multiple channels.

Whether that’s done through SMS, Whatsapp, social media, email, etc., as long as you give people multiple options, they’ll be more likely to share that referral.

Luckily, our tool gives you this capability and makes it super easy for customers to take action using whatever method they prefer:

Setting up these referral channels for your customers will help you reduce your acquisition costs while also driving customer loyalty, engagement, and sales at the same time.

If you do all this right, you should naturally have no problems with this third step:

3. Create Brand Advocates

With a solid incentive and referral program that truly rewards customers for their hard work, you’ll be able to generate brand advocates who can’t wait to tell everyone about your products.

They may share their experiences on social media, creating user generated content (UGC) that makes all their followers beeline to your store. They might also leave glowing reviews you can add to your product pages and throughout your website.

All this helps shoppers know your store is trustworthy, which allows you to maximize your reach and grow your customer base with less effort.

While you may have to do some initial work upfront to create these programs, the payoff will start to multiply with each brand advocate you obtain.

And you and your team can accomplish all of this with our powerful loyalty and rewards tool.

Use the Best Loyalty App for Shopify Today

After reading this guide, you now know more about the best loyalty app for Shopify, and you learned exactly how to use it.

So all that’s left to do is to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Start by building out your loyalty and referral program with incentives and rewards your shoppers actually want. Then have fun designing your program to fit seamlessly into your brand.

Don’t forget to make it super easy for customers to refer other people your way, and give them something awesome to make it worth their time.

Follow these tips, and you’ll soon be swimming in conversions, new customers, and loyal VIP engagement.

To see how that’s possible, try our loyalty and rewards tool today!
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