Harney & Sons: Case Study
customer retentionAug 13, 2021

Harney & Sons: Case Study

“We’ve seen great success with our loyalty rewards VIP tiers; adding more rewards has enhanced our customer loyalty even further.”
- Emeric Harney

Harney & Sons offers an array of high-quality teas and unique brews to tea enthusiasts all over the world. The Harney family has been building their beloved tea brand for close to four decades, and they’ve seen great success with our Loyalty & Rewards software.

We’ve seen an increase in loyal customers since implementing our rewards program with Stamped.io. Customers who participate in our loyalty program have heightened our customer lifetime value.”

The team at Stamped.io is in another league. With other loyalty apps we’ve used in the past, we felt like just another customer on a long list. But with Stamped.io’s team, it’s not like that. Their team is attentive and supportive.

We also found that Stamped.io’s Loyalty & Rewards platform offers unique features that aren’t found anywhere else -- and they come at a really competitive price.

Working with Stamped.io has allowed us to prioritize customer loyalty and helps us execute a powerful strategy to do so. I would definitely recommend them for any businesses looking to capitalize on repeat customers.” 

Harney & Son's Loyalty Program

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