How Stamped Helped Pastreez Boost Its Review Rate By 40%
Customer Success StoryJan 4, 2022

How Stamped Helped Pastreez Boost Its Review Rate By 40%

How do you encourage shoppers to buy macarons online?

These French meringue-based cookies are as beloved as they are colorful and flavorful. Though the recipe has existed for hundreds of years, macarons have never been more popular than they are right now.

However, these dainty, airy confections are considered an artisanal delicacy. They’re something experienced French bakers prepare locally by hand and hardly ever ship.

So the duo behind Pastreez faced a bit of a challenge when they decided to sell their bakery’s macarons online. 

How do you convince connoisseurs to try macarons made across the country? How do you ease their hesitations about shipping and quality issues?

Luckily, the chefs and founders decided to try’s Reviews & Ratings tool. And in this quick case study, we’ll tell you all about the success they achieved as a result.

But first:

Meet Pastreez: The Yummiest French Bakery that Ships Nationwide

Pastreez is a bakery that sells French pastries, macarons, cakes, and crepes both from their California-based bakery (in Phelan, CA) and online.

Its founders are husband and wife Yami and Anthony, two French chefs trained at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. Yami and Anthony left everything in France to build their dream bakery in the US.

They started selling their delectable treats at farmers’ markets around Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Malibu, California. 

Building on their experience and success, the duo focused on answering one question: Where to find macarons near me?

Balancing tradition with innovation, the Pastreez team figured out a process to handcraft their macarons in small batches and ship them fresh to customers all over the country.

They knew there was huge potential in selling their macarons online. But they didn’t know if customers would be open to the idea.

Once they fulfilled a few orders, the feedback from happy Pastreez customers was too good not to share (and leverage!).

How To Build Trust with Shoppers Using Reviews & Ratings

Our Reviews & Ratings tool allows eCommerce brands to easily collect and share feedback from customers. 

Brands can add these reviews and user-generated content (UGC) like pictures or videos to their product pages. They can also create beautiful banners, retargeting ads, and social media campaigns with them.

Leveraging customer reviews and UGC helps eCommerce businesses:

  • Boost SEO. Reviews with rich snippets rank higher on search engine results pages and drive more traffic to online merchants.
  • Establish trust and credibility. Shoppers new to a brand may be hesitant about making their first purchase. Seeing others who have already done so (and scored positive results!) shows them brands are trustworthy and deliver what they claim.
  • Attract and convert shoppers via word-of-mouth advertising. Your existing customers are your best marketing team. Hearing their feedback and seeing their images/videos encourages shoppers to get in on the action too. No one wants to miss out on the next big trend.

The Pastreez team needed all of these benefits in their corner to make online macarons a viable success. And that’s exactly what Stamped helped them achieve.

Why Pastreez Chose Stamped Reviews & Ratings

The Pastreez duo researched several review management software options before ultimately choosing Stamped Reviews & Ratings. Our reliable review app checked all their boxes because it:

Collects reviews from multiple channels. Brands can automatically send customers review requests via email, SMS, or even Facebook Messenger. This may increase the likelihood of receiving customer reviews by over 70%.

Shares organic rich snippets recognized by Google. Displaying rich snippets with star ratings in search results increases click-through rates and SEO ranking. Showcasing product reviews on Google Shopping Ads is proven to increase website traffic exponentially.

Allows custom CSS to match the Reviews & Ratings integration with existing website themes, branding, colors, etc.

The Pastreez team says:

The custom CSS allows us to smoothly embed [the review widget] and adapt it to our theme. The review widget is seamlessly integrated on our product pages and shows the latest reviews in a beautiful way.

As you can see from the image above, Pastreez customized their reviews widget so it’s completely on-brand and aligned with their theme. User avatars show each customer’s purchase, and a Verified Buyer tag adds credibility. All this is done in Pastreez’s signature branded color choices.

It also showcases photo reviews and UGC to help shoppers see pictures from previous customers on every product page. According to Pastreez, this “makes a huge difference” for their online conversions.

Many first-time shoppers are hesitant about purchasing and shipping such delicate cookies. Seeing tons of customers show off their intact and perfectly shipped treats gives them the confidence to try Pastreez for themselves.

All those reasons (and more!) convinced Pastreez that Stamped Reviews & Ratings was the right choice for their needs. But those perks aren’t even their favorite feature.

Pastreez Names In-Email Review Collection a Must-Have

The Pastreez team says the in-email form to complete reviews is a must-have for higher conversions.

With this feature, customers automatically receive an email after their purchase that contains a review form. Customers don’t have to navigate out of this email to submit their review, which increases their likelihood of doing so.

Stamped’s seamless process to collect reviews in-email drastically increased the number of reviews the eCommerce macaron gurus received. Pastreez scored an over 40% higher review rate and a 20% increase in reviews collected, thanks to Stamped. 

So far, Pastreez has collected nearly 2,000 customer reviews using Stamped Rating & Reviews. And they’re just getting started!

So What Can Stamped Reviews & Ratings Do For Your eCommerce Business?

Online food and beverage brands face stiff competition for consumer attention and spending. If shoppers aren’t already familiar with your brand, reviews and ratings featuring customer images and videos is the best way to encourage conversions and build new customer relationships. 

Stamped makes review generation a breeze. Your customers can easily write and share high-quality reviews with StampedIQ, our proprietary blend of Smart Assist, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. 

You can collect these reviews from multiple channels, then use them to bring attention to your store on social media, retargeting ads, and more without breaking a sweat. Everybody wins!

And guess what? That’s just the tip of the cupcake. 

From analytics, reports, and actionable insights to net promoter score monitoring and review moderation, there’s so much power behind our top-rated tool just waiting to be untapped.

So click here to see how Stamped Reviews & Ratings can help your brand accelerate growth now!

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