Integration Spotlight: Boost Commerce
IntegrationJul 7, 2021

Integration Spotlight: Boost Commerce


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About Boost Commerce

Product Filter & Search is backed by a remote team of seasoned eCommerce experts from around the world that helps businesses to grow at scale. Boost Product Filter & Search app allows shoppers to find the exact products they want on Shopify stores without any hassle. It uses a wide range of advanced features for product filtering, search bar optimization, search merchandising, analyzing searching behaviors on-site, and much more.

Who is best for

Boost Product Filter & Search is a powerful tool for any merchants who want to leverage growth with technology. It offers Shopify merchants high-powered product filter trees with various options and display settings, smart search functions for relevant results, a wide range of features to do merchandising with site search, as well as insightful reports that reveal customers’ behaviors.


Mr. Raghav Somani - CEO of Headphone Zone

‘It’s really easy to use, saves us time, and runs smoothly. Our customers find using the filters really convenient. Definitely going to recommend it to all Shopify store owners we know who could benefit from such intense collection-specific filtering and search function.’ 

Mr. Joe Dempsey - a front-end Shopify expert and developer at Liquify Web Design 

‘As far as search and filter apps go in the app store this is our go-to app for search and filter. It's a decent & stable product that will work for just about any store & is well supported by the team at Boost Commerce. At the end of the day - we only recommend apps that are stable and work reliably as many of our clients are at the enterprise end of the spectrum.’

Integration overview and benefits

When integrating and Product Filter & Search, store owners can effortlessly display review ratings in the search results and add the star rating as a filter as well as a sorting option. This integration allows users to drive more sales thanks to the smart instant search, advanced product filter with analytics of buyers’ behaviors.

How do I set up the integration? 

Before the integration setup, users need to successfully install both and Boost Product Filter & Search apps. You can get the Boost app and enjoy your 30-day free trial here.

To enable auto-integration with from Product Filter & Search app, please follow the instruction:

Step 1:  Please go to Product Filter & Search app dashboard -> Tool -> Integration

Step 2: Switch on the integration toggle

Step 3: Enter the Stamped Public API Key and click Submit. To find the API Key, please visit this article

Step 4: Confirm the Integration data notice that the process will remove old integration data of other product reviews apps (if any) to use the newly selected app data for integration on all themes installed with Product Filter & Search

After the sync ends, the review rating for the product items is automatically enabled. For more details, please visit the integration guide.

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