Integration Spotlight: Findify
IntegrationJul 13, 2021

Integration Spotlight: Findify


Product Search & Personalization

About Findify

Findify is a leading site search and product personalization company which utilizes the latest in AI technology to help merchants improve UX, optimize site speed, boost conversion, and increase revenue.

Who is best for

Designed for medium and growing e-commerce companies, Findify is a personalization solution that helps personalize the product searching experience, converting visitors into customers.


"Findify has helped our store's search function tremendously. Their team is super easy to work with, responsive, and insightful. Their tool is constantly improving and updating to fit our store's needs.

Death Wish Coffee Company

“We love this app, a great search functionality tool. The team at Findify have been very supportive and responsive (not to mention patient!). Highly recommended.“

Shaun Leane.

"Wow! Where has this app been all my Shopify life? This is really a premium app! It makes navigating a large store like mine a breeze. And it is FREE depending on usage. It takes a while to download the app, but once it is up and running, it is amazing! This is a MUST HAVE if you have a large inventory! The support is also great. I was able to reach their team on Christmas. How's that for service! I'm really impressed."

Far Out Fab

Integration overview & benefits 

When they integrate and Findify, merchants can include product reviews to their personalized shopping experience, and product ratings to Findify’s product search results. 

How do I set up the integration?

  1. Sign up to create an account with
  2. Add Findify to your eCommerce store:

  3. Set up integration by following these instructions:

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