Integration Spotlight: Gorgias
IntegrationJul 19, 2021

Integration Spotlight: Gorgias



About Gorgias

Gorgias is an omnichannel support helpdesk platform that consolidates all your communication channels (email, sms, phone, livechat, socials) into a single, easy-to-use platform. Our deep e-commerce integrations (like Shopify!) pull in all relevant customer information, making it easy to manually (with agents) or automatically (via AI & machine learning) deliver exceptionally fast & personalized customer experiences.

Who is best for

Because every good brand needs a support CX helpdesk, Gorgias is built to work with d2c brands & retailers of all shapes and sizes. In terms of our ICP, most of our customers are SMB/MM brands built on Shopify.


"Thanks to Gorgias, my customer service team has been able to increase customer satisfaction and drive customer loyalty. We've reduced our support resolution time by 68%!"

Dave Szymaszek, Head of Customer Experience @ Marine Layer

Integration overview & benefits 

With's proprietary technology, AI and machine learning will help you automate most of the review management process, from review generation to showcasing and moderation. As a centralized location for review management, can help you import, transfer, and move over reviews easily from other platforms as well.


- Integrate your helpdesk solution into your review management strategy.

- Handle reviews and Q&A more efficiently from your helpdesk.

- Respond to reviews and questions directly.

- Display the customer's last product reviews next to Gorgias tickets.

How do I set up the integration?

  1. Want to try-out the Gorgias x Stamped integration? Follow the simple steps in this guide to get set-up.

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