Integration Spotlight: ViralSweep
IntegrationJul 20, 2021

Integration Spotlight: ViralSweep



About ViralSweep

ViralSweep is a marketing platform that allows brands to build, run, and manage a variety of different promotions, such as sweepstakes, contests, instant wins, referral promotions, hashtag contests, and many more. As industry leaders in viral marketing, ViralSweep specializes in quickly growing your email or SMS list, social profiles, capturing user generated content, and increasing your store’s sales.

Who is best for

ViralSweep is a marketing platform best suited for ecommerce stores looking to grow their email lists, SMS lists, and social audiences through incentivized promotions.


"ViralSweep has been one of the most amazing app experiences I’ve had thus far. Customer service is extremely responsive and the owner is the one who is typically responding to customer service tickets. Talk about dedication. On top of that, the app has so many intuitive features to help bring your marketing game to the next level. Thank you ViralSweep and Giancarlo for making my life 10 times easier!"

Zack Reed, Owner at Rideclutch

"ViralSweep is simply incredible! We looked at multiple sweepstakes platforms, however, none of them had the robust options we needed to aggregate all our contests, influencer campaigns and user-generated content collection to one platform. ViralSweep has literally an option for anything we could think of! On top of that, Giancarlo, the founder, took time out of his schedule to give our company a full presentation and overview of ViralSweep's capabilities. When I have any questions, he's incredibly fast to answer and always brings a solution. You simply cannot beat this platform for the value you get."

Matthew MacKinnon, Marketing Manager at Polysleep

Integration overview & benefits 

ViralSweep has a built-in incentivization system for sweepstakes that allows you to give users additional entries into the promotion for completing a wide variety of actions that ViralSweep supports. With the x ViralSweep integration, users can enter your sweepstakes, then leave a review on one of your products right within the ViralSweep widget. You can run a review sweepstakes sent out only to the people who have purchased a particular product to quickly collect many targeted reviews. See a full list of actions you can award entries for: ViralSweep Actions.

How do I set up the integration?

  1. To setup the integration, follow this guide: ViralSweep x Integration

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