What is Klaviyo Smart Sending?
IntegrationJul 22, 2021

What is Klaviyo Smart Sending?

If used properly, email and text marketing are surefire ways to increase your revenue. Smart Sending makes sure all that time you spent creating your campaigns isn't wasted. By sending your campaigns at the right time based on each subscriber's habits, you can increase the likelihood of the emails and texts being read.

Klaviyo Smart Sending uses analytics and data to take your campaigns to the next level. It does this by sending your campaigns to certain subscribers at specific times based on accumulated data showing when they're most likely to open and interact with it. It's also simple to customize multichannel campaigns. You can see very specific data about your audience and send them the appropriate promotion. With Klaviyo, this can be done very easily. By basing your marketing on data and sending them out at the proper time, your campaigns will be much more effective. After you've made your campaigns, we provide A/B testing to allow you to choose the best one based on open rates, click rates and so much more. Our predictive analytics takes past behavior and uses it to predict future behavior. This means you can stay ahead of the competition.

Benefits for eCommerce Businesses

Smart Sending has limitless potential for online businesses. Combining it with segmented audiences and automated emails will set you up for success. Below are some of the main benefits Smart Sending has to offer.

  • Timing. Trying to decide the perfect timing for a campaign by yourself is tiresome and often fruitless. It's possible to use your built-in email service provider(ESP), but Smart Sending not only lifts this burden from you but also does it more efficiently. The main problems with traditional ESPs are their lack of transparency, and their algorithm simply doesn't work well.
  • Your subscribers won't be bothered. Nothing is more exhausting than having an inbox full of spam. There's also no better feeling than cleaning it all away. Don't let this happen to your campaigns. Send them at the right time so people are willing to engage with them — not delete them.
  • Access to data. Knowledge is power, and with the right information, you can drastically improve your business. At Klaviyo, all the data gathered is owned by you to do with as you see fit.
  • Increased open rates. You can target your subscribers based on when they are most likely to open and interact with your campaigns, providing you with an excellent opportunity for higher profits. Using Smart Sending can increase your open rates by up to 10%.
  • Customization. A personal approach is an ideal approach. With Klaviyo, customization is easy. The necessary data is gathered for you and automatically put to use. You can modify campaigns based on subscriber response and perfect them from there.

How It Works

Klaviyo created our own algorithm that works differently from the average ESP. Traditional ESPs don't reveal their methods for determining the best send times, and the results are spotty at best. The problem is most ESPs don't use a customizable approach when it comes to your audience. Not us. We launch a preliminary test over a 24-hour period to determine the best send time for your unique audience. In addition, our A/B testing is direct and allows you to decide when the best send time is for your audience.

After this test, you will have valuable data. It will tell you the ideal open time for your audience and continue collecting data with each campaign you launch. With enough data, Smart Sending will be able to narrow down the best send times for your segmented audience lists.

All this data that's being collected is completely available to you. It's out in the open for you to analyze and test.

Step-by-step Set Up

All this may seem daunting at first, but there's no need to worry. You don't have to be a tech savant to use Klaviyo Smart Sending. There are a few simple steps to setting it up that anyone can follow. In a matter of minutes, you will be easily launching your custom campaign with Smart Sending.

1. Launch a Campaign

At the upper right corner of the Klaviyo dashboard, click on the "Create Campaign" button.

A window will open up asking you to name and tag the campaign. Tagging is optional, but it will make sorting through campaigns easier in the future.

Next, you need to select your audience. In the same window, click the drop-down menu under "Recipients" and select the proper list.

2. Smart Sending

In order to avoid spamming your subscribers, Smart Sending has a default setting of 16 hours.

The default can be changed if you go into Account > Settings > Email Settings > Smart Sending Period. From there, you can customize send times.

And that's it! Create your campaigns and set your business on the path to success.

Smart Sending is a great way to avoid spamming your subscribers and improve the interaction rate of your campaigns. You can bring back disengaged subscribers and continue building your base. It's easy to use, and when done properly, it can propel your business forward. Don't let your carefully crafted emails and text campaigns go unread simply because they were sent at the wrong time.

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