We’re rebranding!

Reintroducing: Stamped.io

Stamped.io has a new look that we are excited to share with you.

Our updated brand visuals mirror our belief that growth comes from constant improvements. In line with this thinking are our recent platform improvements and launches (see below for a refresher).

Continuing on our pursuit of growth and expansion, it is important that our brand reflects our core values and our mission: helping your business thrive in the world of online commerce.

Why rebrand?

In the five years since our inception, you have helped us reach new heights. We have welcomed over 40,000 brands and expanded our partnerships and integrations with world-renowned eCommerce platforms. So, today – with the rebrand – we celebrate past milestones, but we also direct a path toward bigger and better prospects.

Symbolic of a maturing business, our platform offerings improve and expand beyond what we were initially able to imagine. With a growing list of loyal customers comes a growing list of opportunities to address, most importantly to become a complete eCommerce marketing platform for your business. As we focus on this goal, it was important that our brand reflects this shift.

Beyond developing and executing on ideas for new products, we’ve also expanded our technical foundation capabilities so that we can always serve our customers’ needs at an exceptional level. We are as well-equipped for our brands with a few thousand orders per month as we are able to handle the needs of enterprise brands like Purple, Sodastream and NineWest.

Stamped.io logo

The improved logo builds on our previous one; this was a conscious effort to preserve our DNA. Much like our business today, though, the new logo shows maturation. All of this was done to convey progress and growth: a celebration of years-long efforts coming to fruition.

Stamped.io logo representation

Look closer into the elements of the new logo and a more detailed picture of our future develops: the cursor, a symbol of modern-day technology, points to the direction that – we want to help take your business.

We maintain that whatever we create, whether a platform or a logo – and the brand it represents – must be designed with you, our customer, in mind.

You grow. We grow.

Our belief is that businesses should thrive when they provide amazing products and exceptional service.

We wanted to create a platform that gives you a distinct advantage in a busy marketplace. Your success story deserves to be told, and that’s why we continue to improve on what we do.

It is with great joy that we are able to do what we do. As a business built around helping you maximize your business’s social proof, it is humbling that you have helped build the social proof of our business. For that, we thank you.

Onward and upward

Our look has improved, and alongside, we have been tirelessly working on improving and expanding our platform offerings. We now have a Loyalty & Rewards product that seamlessly integrates with our core Reviews & Ratings product allowing you to optimize customer lifetime value and expand your reach.

The work behind-the-scenes continues as we broaden our offerings, understand your needs better and continue to strive for an elevated standard. We are grateful for what you have helped us to achieve, we celebrate where we are now, and we look ahead with great eagerness at how high we can reach, together.

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