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Designed to amplify social proof, build trust and increase sales for high-growth Shopify merchants.

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BEST-IN-CLASS ECOMMERCE MARKETING SOLUTION enables you to collect and showcase product reviews to build trust & boost sales for your Shopify Store.

Key features
  • Visually powerful product reviews to boost sales

    Collect and showcase product reviews with ratings, photos and videos to increase your sales.

  • Improve your business rating on Google, Facebook and more

    Identify your happiest customers with predictive machine learning, encourage them to write reviews on the most popular platforms.

  • Artificial Intelligence to fuel growth

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning come together in one centralized location so you can capture actionable insights from your customers´ feedback.

About Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus launched in 2014 and it's an enterprise customizable eCommerce platform for large businesses and brands. Over 10,000 of the world’s most innovative brands use Shopify Plus.

Designed with global
expansion in mind

Built for retail eCommerce businesses that are expanding globally. Aiming for international success requires dedicated storefronts for different countries or regions, with different languages, currencies and payment options. supports multiple storefronts managed from one Shopify account.

Review Generation for high-traffic Shopify stores

  • Email

    With our review form embedded directly inside the email, customers can easily submit their review with ease removing any friction, increasing conversions by more than 70%.

  • Facebook Messenger

    Automated review requests from Facebook Messenger. Simple and easy submission with just 1-click.

  • SMS

    High open rates and happier customers, collect reviews from customers via SMS review request.

Advanced multichannel capabilities

Shopify Plus provides seamless native social commerce, as it is connected to Instagram or Facebook messenger. Reviews & Ratings enables further social selling with automated workflows and Smart-Sharing technology.

Showcase your best reviews, in every key section of your Shopify store

  • Homepage

    Add customer testimonials on your homepage adding credibility to your brand.

  • Product pages

    Displaying ratings on product pages, and aggregate ratings on collection pages.

  • Dedicated page

    All your customer content in a single page, easily accessible and SEO-optimized.

  • Shopping cart

    Showcase impactful and related reviews on crucial conversion page, reduce cart abandonment and increasing conversions.

Shopify Plus users love

Elevated faith

Stamped is one of the best investments I've ever made to our brand. The impact that it has is unestimateable. Conversion rates have gone up at least 50% since we started using Stamped and had hit our first 1,000 reviews.

Fit affinity

I think working with Stamped has provided some of the biggest contributions to the brand's success with the reviews widgets.

Ten tree

Stamped is very simple to use, affordable, and provide great service. It feels like they are your partner - trying to grow your business with you rather than trying to take advantage of you or squeeze you for every cent.

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