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BEST-IN-CLASS ECOMMERCE MARKETING SOLUTION enables you to collect and showcase product reviews to build trust & boost sales for your Ecwid Store.

Key features
  • Loyalty & Rewards Program

    Incentivize customers with rewards for engaging with your brand. Maximize your customers lifetime value and increase profitability.

  • VIP Loyalty Tiers

    Reward your best customers with a combination of tier entry rewards and custom perks. A VIP loyalty program fosters long-standing relationships that keep on giving.

  • Referral Program

    Embrace the power of word-of-mouth marketing; the most efficient and cost-effective marketing strategy. Enable and reward your customers for referring their family and friends.

About Ecwid

Ecwid is an east way to add an online store to any webpage or social media profile. Used by hundreds of thousands of merchants in 175 countries. Ecwid offers everything you need to reach customers wherever they are: in-person, website, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, or Google Shopping.

Rewards & Points to build customer loyalty

Build customer loyalty and grow sales with a beautifully branded loyalty program.

Reward your customers for purchases, referrals and more

  • Increase Engagement

    Drive customer engagement with points-based campaigns that increase repeat purchases and motivate your customers to come back for more.

  • Customizable Page

    Deliver a fully customized on-brand loyalty program and experience.

  • Create Brand Advocates

    Reward and incentivize customers to share your brand with their community and friends.

  • A VIP program that rewards your best customers

    Reward and recognize your best customers with an exclusive VIP program tailored to your needs. Create exciting VIP tiers and perks to increase brand loyalty. Motivate your best customers to keep coming back.

Referral Program: a cost-effective way to acquire new customers for your Ecwid Store

Acquire customers easily and cost-effectively with a custom referral program.

Incentivize your best customers to refer their friends and family

  • Customizable Referral Program

    Fully customize your referral program to stay on-brand with your logo, colors, and images.

  • Share on Multiple Channels

    Allow customers to share your referral program on all major channels including SMS, WhatsApp, Social Media, Email, and more.

  • Comprehensive Settings

    Choose from a variety of referral rewards including points, free shipping and store discounts.

Ecwid merchants love!


I'm actually very happy with this app. It looks very clean and professional, does the job perfectly and the support team are very responsive and efficient. Easy to manage and customise - would definitely recommend.

Smoky Mountain Beard Co.

The app works great, and the Customer Service is impeccable. They respond quickly, and usually are able to take care of things right away. We love!!!


This app is really great and provides what we need. Kudos to the support team who spent all day helping me quickly and efficiently solve every question I had. The support team gave clear directions that I could easily follow and if I needed their help to fix things they jumped right in and took care of it in minutes.

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