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Social Questions & Answers

Need an engagement boost? Connect past customers to interested buyers with popular product questions and answers.

Peer Trust

Customers trust their peers to give honest and unbiased answers, increasing faith and loyalty in your brand

Build a community

Give your customers the platform they need to build a community knowledge base

More results, less work

A no-hassle process ensures that questions are sent to past customers to help with answering them for you


A customer sees a product they like, but they want to know more. They ask a question, prompting an e-mail to be sent out to happy customers who have bought the same item in the past. Answers are sent back as a response and posted on the product page, building trust in your brand.


All questions are indexable and help to point future search engine queries to your product pages. More web traffic means increased conversions.


Customers can answer a question from their e-mail without clicking to a new page, meaning they’re more likely to provide quick help.


Don’t let your customers leave your shop to ask a question. Easily integrate questions and answers with your webpage to provide a seamless platform for customers to get answers without clicking away.

Other things you can do

/ Customer loyalty
Past customers will return to your site to answer questions and make new purchases
/ Choose your target audience
Personalized settings can ensure your biggest fans receive requests for a social reply
/ Smart technology
An advanced system filters out ‘good’ and ‘bad’ questions to maximize quality
/ Instant answers
Automated technology allows customers to answer questions within seconds
/ Site owner control
Site owners can chime in to answer questions and moderate answers for accuracy
/ Intuitive user experience
Customers can answer questions right from the body of the e-mail, making it hassle free


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