State of Reviews & UGC in 2021

At first glance, it may seem like customer reviews are on the “nice to have” list when marketing your eCommerce business. After all, there are so many different marketing tactics competing for your attention, you may not think asking people to leave a review is really worth your time. But the intel in this report […]

At first glance, it may seem like customer reviews are on the “nice to have” list when marketing your eCommerce business.

After all, there are so many different marketing tactics competing for your attention, you may not think asking people to leave a review is really worth your time.

But the intel in this report on the State of Reviews in 2021 proves otherwise.

Capturing customer reviews is a powerful strategy to acquire new customers, drive traffic and conversions, and increase revenue for your brand. However, if you ignore this task, you’ll miss out on sales and turn away potential leads at a rate that may actually surprise you.

So we’ll be diving into:

  • 9 Powerful Statistics About Customer Reviews
  • The Top Review Sites of 2021
  • Consumer Trends in Reviews and User-Generated Content

By the time we’re done, you’ll understand why this often missed strategy should rank much higher on your list of priorities. 

9 Powerful Statistics on Using Customer Reviews in 2021

Customer reviews are more than just proof your brand creates happy buyers. They can influence the way people find your products, trust your brand, and make purchase decisions. See the research for yourself:

Customer reviews raise conversions and revenue:

✓ Product pages that include customer testimonials increase conversions by 34% and revenue by as much as 62%.

✓ Having just nine reviews earned companies 52% more revenue, on average. Brands with 25 or more reviews achieved a 108% increase in revenue. 

✓ Higher ticket items with positive customer reviews scored a 390% boost in conversions.

They also improve search traffic:

✓ It only takes 10 or more reviews to see a positive uptick in search traffic. Many businesses surveyed earned a whopping 45% increase in traffic compared to those that didn’t share reviews.

Customer reviews encourage trust in your brand:

15% of people won’t trust a business that doesn’t offer customer reviews.

94% of people said they’d steer clear of a business with unfavorable reviews.

Over half of customers surveyed said they wouldn’t buy from a business with less than a 4-star rating.

89% of consumers surveyed refuse to buy an item without reading customer reviews first. When buying from B2B companies specifically, 92% admitted they’re more likely to make a purchase after reading reviews.

Four out of five consumers would change their mind if they found negative reviews about the product or company they were researching. 

So now that you understand the value of customer reviews, let’s move on to the best places to generate them. 

The Top Review Sites of 2021 

There are two types of review sites your brand should take advantage of: business review sites and social media review sites. 

Besides your website, these are the best places to capture and share customer reviews because they’re how most people research products or services they’re interested in buying.

The Top Business Review Sites of 2021

Business review sites increase your brand’s online credibility and transparency. So people searching for information about your company’s products or services will want to see honest reviews pop up on these sites:  

1. Google Reviews

It should come as no surprise that Google Reviews leads the way when it comes to capturing customer reviews. A staggering 57.5% of all reviews live here.

You should think of your Google Reviews page as a customer’s first introduction to your brand. As they search for your business, this snapshot typically leaps to the top of a search results page and provides essential details like your company’s hours of operation, contact information, and a brief description of what you do.

It also serves as a quick and trustworthy introduction to your customer’s feedback. Google offers consumers a chance to rate your business out of five stars and then prominently displays this score along with the number of reviews it’s based on. 

Businesses with a five-star rating on Google captured 69% of total clicks on their Google listing. Having 10 or more customer reviews also earned them a 15-20% increase in traffic.

So while Google Reviews should be #1 on your list, they aren’t the only ones to use in your eCommerce business.

2. Amazon Reviews

Amazon Reviews are also helpful for potential customers to see what other people thought of your product before they fork over their hard-earned cash to try it themselves. 

Because of the vast number of sellers and products on Amazon, a high rating here assures potential buyers that your company is legit and sells what it pictures. It also gives customers a chance to leave photo and video reviews, furthering this point.

Amazon Reviews can even help increase your organic search -- maybe not to the point of Google Reviews, but still worth including in your overall strategy.

3. Yelp Reviews

Yelp is considered a powerhouse review site, especially for local businesses. Yelp stats show 90+ million people visit the site each month, and 97% make a purchase from a business they research here within one week.

So Yelp shouldn’t be ignored in favor of the other two just mentioned. And, according to the latest research, increasing your Yelp review score by just one star can lead to a 5-9% jump in revenue.

4. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is another valuable source people check when searching for honest customer reviews about businesses. The site uses a 5-star rating called a “TrustScore” and adds a phrase between “Excellent” and “Bad” to label each company based on those reviews.

Trustpilot says they capture 4 million new reviews every month, making it a popular site for customers and companies alike. 

5. Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB is one of the most trusted names in business reviews. The site allows customers to leave feedback and complaints, then grades business on a scale from A+ to F. 

Part of that rating includes how your business responds to reviews and complaints, which helps your business prove it’s committed to transparent customer service. 

The Top Social Media Review Sites of 2021

In addition to checking those five business review websites, people also look to social media to see what other people have to say. These are some of their first choices:

1. Facebook Reviews

When you create a Facebook Business Page, you have the option to include customer reviews, so you should make sure this feature is enabled.

It can serve as another way for potential customers to see that other people think favorably of your brand. It can also help you drive sales for users specifically coming in from Facebook and your ads there.

2. YouTube Video Reviews

Potential customers will find “haul” videos, “unboxing” videos, and in-depth reviews from people demonstrating your products from a first-hand customer perspective.

While YouTube doesn’t automatically give people the option to review your business like Facebook does, it can serve as one of the best resources for people to do just that.

By creating helpful videos and asking your customers to do the same, you’ll have video reviews that help people see your product in action, including its features, flaws, and benefits.

It’s an excellent way to show people your company and product can be trusted, which is why YouTube Reviews should be at the top of your strategy list.

However, having reviews is really only the first step (and a fantastic one at that!).

But it’s also crucial to know how to use these testimonials the right way. We’ll show you how to do that in just a bit, but there’s still some more ground to cover before we do.

The Top Consumer Trends in Reviews & User Generated Content (or UGC)

Now that you know more about the top review sites, let’s dive into the best types of reviews to use in 2021.

Currently, the most popular review trends for brands include:

1. Video Testimonials

Looking at recent video testimonial statistics shows you should definitely include this form of reviews in your marketing strategy.

Here’s why:

  • 79% of consumers have watched a video review
  • 90% surveyed find them helpful in their decision-making process
  • Two-thirds of people admitted that they were more likely to buy after watching a video testimonial
  • 47% of people felt that video reviews were helpful for seeing exactly how a product works

Here’s the real kicker: 70% of marketers found that video testimonials convert higher than other review forms.

Despite all this strong evidence, you shouldn’t only strive for video reviews.

2. Text-Based Reviews

According to a report in Search Engine Journal, 43% of people surveyed still prefer text-based reviews when it comes to helping them decide if a product is right for them. This compares to 33% who prefer photos and 24% who use video reviews as their go-to.

So just because video testimonials perform well doesn’t mean you should abandon all other forms. In fact, it’s best to use a variety of review formats to capture as many customers as possible.

3. User-Generated Content (or UGC)

User generated content is when customers share their experience and personal reviews on a product in a photo or video. They could post this content on their social media accounts, a review site, or directly on your website. You can then feature them in your marketing materials and ads.

Because this content has a huge influence on whether someone makes a purchase, UGC performs exceptionally well, as these stats highlight:

So on top of having customer reviews and video testimonials, you’ll want to start weaving in UGC to increase conversions and drive sales.

That brings us to the last and final question: How exactly do you do that?

The Top Product Review Tool of 2021

Now that you’ve seen just how important reviews are these days, it’s time to start adding them to your marketing strategy.

Fortunately, there’s a tool that makes this easy to do and highly effective.


If your head was starting to spin trying to figure out how to juggle all these types of reviews on multiple platforms, don’t worry. has you covered.

We’ve made it super simple for your customers to leave reviews and share their positive experiences with your brand, which means they’ll be much more likely to do so. Here’s a rundown of everything you’ll be able to accomplish:

  1. Automate the customer review process and save hours of time

Our tool allows you to automate your reviews and seamlessly collect, moderate, and analyze them like a well-oiled machine.

So you’ll spend less time doing this and be able to capture more reviews as a result.

2. Go ahead and show off your glowing reviews! 

Our powerful AI-driven tool will help you showcase the best reviews on your site to help drive sales and traffic to your products and landing pages.

You can even share these top reviews on social media, spreading your reach and driving even more conversions.

3. Become a triple threat of customer review greatness

You can create traditional customer reviews, videos, and photo testimonials to provide a richer experience to potential customers trying to see whether your brand can be trusted.

This triple threat of visual marketing will boost interest, draw in shoppers, and close customers on the fence much faster.

4. Measure, monitor, and tweak from your customer review dashboard.

You’ll also have your very own customer review dashboard. This helps you measure your efforts and make adjustments so you can keep improving and earning more.

Our optimization used to be something marketers only dreamed about, but we brought it to life and made it an incredibly valuable tool your brand can take advantage of starting today.

To learn more about our top product review tool, visit that link now.

Final Thoughts on the State of Reviews in 2021

After reading this report, it’s clear to see that capturing customer reviews and displaying them throughout your website, product pages, and social media will help you drive traffic, increase sales, and acquire more customers.

And with the help of our tool, you can do all that in much less time.

Thank you for joining us in our State of Reviews report. We hope you found this information valuable. Be sure to check back with us in the near future when we’ll be sharing another update!