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The Concept

We call the glyph 'starfetti,' which combines both a star and confetti.

These glyphs are visual metaphors of Stamped's customer-centric approach and promise to support Ecommerce merchants of all sizes. The star represents the functionality our products provide to help kickstart our merchant's growth through authentic customer connections. The confetti represents the spirit of collaboration — we'll always be there to celebrate the big and small wins with our merchants. We will commit to elevating the quality, excellence and technology of our products by always listening to you, the merchant.



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Sub Branding


branding guidelines


The minimum exclusion zone for the Stamped logo and icon is equivalent to a third of the height of the icon, marked as . Whenever possible, the Stamped logo in full color should be used.


This lockup is used for communications around approved partnerships. The mandatory clear space between the two logos is demarcated by (the height of the logo or icon implemented). Small divider elements may also be placed within the area. The full Stamped logo should always be utilized for partnership lockups. Both logos should feel of equal size, and partner logos should be aligned to the optical baseline of the Stamped wordmark.


The two key colors in our brand color palette are brilliant orange for Reviews and vibrant purple for Loyalty. The remainder of the palette is made up of varied intensities of these core colors that should be employed as accents to give depth and contrast.

Main and Reviews Brand Colors

Loyalty Brand Colors


Our icons are used across different touchpoints from marketing to product environments. Contextual clarity and visual appeal are achieved with basic shapes and forms. Icons should be clean and minimal and communicate intended purpose without relying on supporting text.


Whenever possible, the full color logo should always be used on a light, plain background. The full color logo with the wordmark in white may also be used on a dark, plain background when necessary.

The logo should be used as is, and never distorted, cropped, rotated or used on a busy background.


Photography direction for all imagery used with brand communications should be vibrant, emotive and relatable. Warm or neutral tones are preferred, with a focus on lifestyle shots that are clean and natural.

Media Assets

Please refer to the above guidelines when using our Media Assets. By downloading our Stamped logo assets, you agree to the Terms of Service.

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