Reward your best customers with our VIP Loyalty Program

Create a VIP Program with multiple tiers that incentivizes your customers to achieve the next level based on purchases made or points spent. With exclusive perks and discounts that match your brand needs, you can drive brand loyalty while growing customer happiness and revenue.


Flexible Rewards and Perks

Reward your customers with a combination of tier entry rewards and custom perks.

VIP Entry rewards:


Accelerated Points Earnings


Free Shipping


Percentage Discounts


Fixed Amount Discounts

Custom Perks:

  • Exclusive Event or Services Invitations
  • Free Express Shipping
  • Early Access to Sales
  • New Collection Launch Preview
  • Annual Birthday Gifts
fleexible rewards

VIP Tiers and Achievements

The best VIP programs are easy-to-understand, show a clear path to higher tiers and rewards, and offer an engaging experience that your customers will appreciate and interact with.

Easy-to-understand Tier Entry

At every VIP stage, customers will be prompted on the amount that they need to enter the next level. Encouraging higher order value from customers.

Exclusive Perks for VIPs

Give exclusive perks to your VIP tier members, such as exclusive content, free products for every purchase, free shipping, or invite them to sales events. Make your VIP program attractive and stand out to your customers!

Accelerated Points or Added Discounts

Give 2x points to mid tier VIPs, 3x to best VIPs, the possibility is endless. Encourage customers to reach the higher tier and enjoy exclusive rewards and perks!


Branded VIP Rewards Section

Take control of your branding, the VIP Program and UI widget is built to be entirely customizable so that it blends in perfectly with your site.

Flexible Customization

Customize and tailor your VIP program to your brand needs and products.

Dedicated VIP page

Display a concise summary of the perks of your VIP program. Show your customers an overview of their roadmap toward becoming a VIP in the highest tier.

VIP Widget

Seamlessly introduce your VIP Program to your customers anywhere on your website.

Branded VIP

Connect Stamped to the Tools You Already Use

Utilize our partner integrations to connect and sync your customers rewards data to apps that you use daily to connect with customers.



Engage your customers and provide a customized experience throughout their shopping journey by enabling rewards, points and referral notifications anywhere on-site with our launcher or embedding our fully customizable widget on product, purchase or post-purchase pages.


Email Marketing

Add customer rewards properties in your favorite email marketing campaign template, such as customer’s referral URL, balance points, VIP tier, and more



Customers reward information is displayed in real-time allowing customer support to providing comprehensive, personalized live chat support using rewards data.


API Integrations

Use our API to seamlessly integrate Stamped.io to your custom store and build powerful workflows.


We took the guess work out of integrating Stamped.IO with all major eCommerce Platforms, Email Marketing, and Productivity apps and passed the savings on to you.

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