UGC App to unleash the power of Visual Marketing

Unleash the power of Stamped.io’s visual user-generated content platform to help increase outreach and create authentic and compelling marketing campaigns that dramatically increase brand awareness, engagement, and conversions.


Generate Visual
User-Generated Content

Capture photos and videos within your review request emails using frictionless in-mail technology that can adapt to any device.

Visual Reviews

Take your business to the next level by making customers’ photos and videos a significant part of your brand identity.

Collect Photo & Video Reviews:

Instagram Visual Content

Use the power of your customer's voice to increase social proof and enhance your brand. Leverage our templates and fully customizable display options to beautifully curate and showcase their Instagram photos and videos.


Curate Instagram Visual

Curate user-generated content from Instagram and turn them into Shoppable Galleries. Let customers buy from IG photos, without leaving your site.


Instagram Automated Rights Management

Find trending IG media to use, automate permission requests from customers easily, tag products and showcase them on-site.


Moderating Visual Content


Smart Visual Curation

Filter visual content that contains specific dominant colors, quality, objects, or even person. Using StampedIQ computer vision, automatically flag inappropriate visuals.


Organize Visual with Albums

Group multiple visuals into albums, and showcase the visual content grouped by albums on dedicated pages or on-site.


Instagram Shoppable Galleries

Create customizable Instagram galleries and shorten the pathway to purchase by making customer photos shoppable.

Display Visual
Content On-Site

Display visual content how and where you like on your website. Built-in templates and fully customizable options ensure that you can quickly leverage your customers’ content to create the best brand-story for your needs.


Homepage Reviews

Shorten the pathway to purchase by encouraging product discovery with shoppable galleries that showcase your best customer content.


Product Page with Reviews

Dramatically increase sales conversions by featuring customer visual reviews (photos & videos) alongside your studio photos.


Gallery Checkout Page

Decrease cart abandonment by showing off your best customer content at checkout, or upsell recommended products in UGC galleries.

Showcase On-site


Social Marketingwith Visual UGC

Create compelling visual UGC and leverage our partnerships with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to drive high quality leads to your website.


Marketing with Visual UGC

Create compelling visual UGC and leverage our partnerships with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to drive high quality leads to your website.


Dynamic Retargeting Ads

Make ‘Smart’ retargeting ads even more compelling with customer testimonials and visuals to remind customers about relevant products.


Review Ads

Easily create custom ads showcasing customer photos and videos with our built-in ad designer.


Social Push

Turn customer photos into high-performing ads that blend naturally into shoppers’ feeds.


Additional Features

Now you will always know where your customers stand at all times with the new standard in Customer Reviews & User Generated Content


Google Shopping Product Reviews

Unleash the power of Google product ratings and reviews to help your products stand out against competitors and increase on-site conversions.

Smart Social Banners

Create beautiful and optimized social banners with pre-designed templates, which you can utilize on-site, social media, and marketing campaigns.

Dynamic Images URL

Turn your user-generated content into images using our proprietary feature. Now you can utilize your UGC in every marketing material including your email campaigns:


We took the guess work out of integrating Stamped.IO with all major eCommerce Platforms, Email Marketing, and Productivity apps and passed the savings on to you.

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