Build trust with product and site reviews

Collect and showcase product and site reviews to give your customers a voice. Reviews and User Generated Content will help you gain deeper insights into what your customers really think and will help you better understand how they truly feel about their overall shopping experience with you.

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Review generation, made easy

Collect and display written, photo, and video reviews and product ratings using 1 -5 point scale.


Automated Review Request

Collect, moderate, and analyze reviews

Showcase reviews

Highlight reviews on dedicated landing pages, product pages, and in Google with our Google Shopping integration

Boost SEO ranking

Use your reviews to increase your search ranking with rich snippets

Social Sharing and Marketing

Share your best reviews on social media with banners and more

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Visual marketing with photo and video reviews

Collect and showcase photo and video reviews and share them on your social channels and in advertising and marketing campaigns.


Collect photo and video reviews

Customers can submit user generated content with their product reviews

Enhance marketing

Include your user generated content in Shoppable Instagram Galleries and Retargeted

Create marketing banners

Create and share social banners with Smart Social Banners

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Measure and share brand trust with site reviews using NPS

Your Net Promoter Score is type of brand review measuring how likely your customers are to recommend your product or service to their peers on a scale of 0-10.


Measures overall customer satisfaction, from shopping experiences, products, and packaging, to delivery, website, customer support and more

Measures customer store and brand loyalty

Monitors scores over time

Includes detailed reporting and analysis

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Uncover actionable insights with smart data

Smart Assist, Sentiment and Topic Analysis, Insights Analysis, and Visual Curation come together in one centralized Dashboard.


Smart Assist

Guide your customers to write quality reviews with relevant topics and keyboards

Sentiment and Topic Analysis

Moderate large volumes of reviews

Insights Analysis

Quickly identify the most common themes in your reviews

Smart Vision

Analyze and identify large sets of photos for color and more

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Build brand trust with customer reviews that drive, gaining actionable insights.

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Give your most loyal customers reasons to keep coming back for more – again and again.

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