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Customer Support

Swapped to Stamped to escape YOTPO which was super bloated and was slowing down our site. Stamped was easy to install, easy to migrate our existing reviews over and hasn't slowed our site down. Best of all it looks great on the site and is super easy for customers to use and for us to manage.


We've been using Yotpo for a while, since they were small and scrappy. At one point maybe 2 or 3 years ago I remember their pricing got crazy and we switched to Stamped. It works flawlessly and their support is top notch. We've been very pleased and we're staying.

OvaEasy Egg Crystals

Stamped is easy to use. The customer support is great and very responsive. I highly recommend this product to any small businesses looking to grow and build customer confidence.

Charles S.
Great customer support

Stamped is an honest and effective tool to make your store credible and professional in show-casing what other customer say about your products. Many value added things Stamped can do in terms of getting your customer to interact. Customer service at Stamped is truly high class and efficient. Help was never far away with quick reply emails to any questions I had, big of small. Would I recommend, yes I would!

Scott H.
Great extension for magento

I hesitated not knowing what would be involved in setting this up on my Big Commerce Store. After a couple of email communications with customer service I dove in. They helped me integrate and move all my reviews from the BC Store Reviews into Stamped and also they added the scripts and reviews widget. I am glad I chose Stamped. I look forward to getting some reviews rolling in as Big Commerce Store reviews is out dated and doesn't work. As a small business every sale and review counts toward building a successful business.

Excellent App - Great Customer Service

The app itself is very good, easy to use and offers a lot of customisation and features even in the free version - the higher tiers offer even greater functionality. Had a few customisation requests that the Stamped team responded to in minutes and helped me with the final tweaks. I use this review app on all of my customer's stores and for good reason, if you need a good review app (and every store should have one), you've just found it!

David M.

Great app and the customer service is one step ahead! 👌 We had a little bug with the integration on the product page, and Ivan Ong is the one that helped us with the issue and solved it in no time. I would give a sixth star for the efficiency 🙌


So easy yo communicate with this team and have all questions answered. The review section is extremely easy for customers to use. Definitely recommend this app.

Amazing customer service

The perfect review tool...Customer service is beyond! I researched so much for a review tool to plug in with bigcommerce that would not be so expensive (like some that I found). After much research and reading Stamped reviews, I decided to give them a try. So glad I did!!!! The app is super easy to install, integrate and use. Love the way it looks on my website. I was reluctant at first to get rid off Bigcommerce native solution for reviews, but after they explained the benefits of their widget, I went for it...again, so glad I did. The best part of this co. is their customer service. They went above and beyond and even did development work on my webstore beyond their scope. I love it and I am very satisfied using this app :)

Jessica W.

We had been a satisfied Yotpo customer for five years. But when they told me it would cost us over 23X our current monthly rate to add the Google PLA review feed that unfortunately ended our relationship (and they couldn't care less). So I went on a search for a review aggregator integrated with BigCommerce that could provide the functionality we needed for a reasonable price. I am so happy that we found Stamped! The transition was relatively seamless. Tommy was more than accommodating and generous with his time in getting the little details worked out so that the reviews would display where and how we wanted. There are many features in Stamped that we really like that are not available in Yotpo. For example, not only can you delay your review requests until an order is actually shipped, their integration with Aftership allows the request to be sent out after actual delivery instead of having to pick a predetermined shipping delay. Now we should stop getting 1-Star reviews that say " I haven't received it yet " on special orders. I love that it's easy to exclude products from review request emails, like for promotional items. Stamped can automatically re-send review requests if the first one was ignored should you want to do that. They also allow you to re-send requests at the touch of a button, which Yotpo does not. I could go on. The only feature we had in Yotpo that I miss is the option to choose product reviews to also be counted and displayed as site reviews. Maybe someday. Stan


Above and beyond service , was nervous setting up reviews but found clients appreciate sharing knowledge and helping one and another.

Ultra D.

Amazing product and top-notch customer support!


Easy to use with a fantastic set of features. Save me using several apps install.

Teas C.

Fair pricing. Great customer service. When I needed help, they were pretty quick to resolve for me. Would recommend over some other review apps that I have tried.


Nothing but great things to say about this app! After using for almost a year it's hard to pick the best feature. The widgets draw attention to the reviews in the best way. The automatic email followup with our customers prompting them to create a review has resulted in a much higher review rate than we had been getting from another company. Love that the price isn't based on the total number of reviews (which can only go up, up, up), but on actual real costs associated with running the app...pay for the features you want. And lastly, their email support is AMAZING. Always answering our questions quickly and even jump in to help with troubleshooting or widget installation when we need it. Thank you!


Great app. It has many advanced functionalities. It helps a lot to get more reviews from your customers and to promote them in a better way on the site. It needs sometimes some support to implement some options and I must admit the support is EXCELLENT. Many thanks to all the team. you do a GREAT job.

French T.

This is a great app!! The staff went above and beyond helping us during setup. I would highly recomment Stamped to all shop users. We have been looking for a good product to get our reviews posted and we have found it!!

Natureland C.

Hard to imagine an e-commerce store without an App like this. Many options are available with many upgrades. Worth the money considering good reviews can bring new business.

Ecofuel I.

We tried a bunch of different review apps and this one out performs them all at a fraction of the cost. The support and features are expanding at a rapid rate while other apps remain stagnant. We reached out to support for a few custom issues and had it done within a few hours. Thanks Tommy!

United B.

Great product and very helpful customer service department.


Great customer support with both custom tweaks and personal recommendations.


The best addition to Shopify's Review app. Love it so much. I just wish that the Widget 2.0 would be available at a lower plan, coz enterprise is way too high. But overall, very satisfied with this app.

Go B.

Great product. Great service. They've been very helpful in setup and a few tweaks specific to our site.

Www K.

Absolutely amazing team over at Stamped. The app functions well and their team was responsive, polite and quickly helped with every change we needed until it was just perfect. 6/5 stars. Thank you Tommy!


We have been using Stamped for the last couple of months and I am super impressed not only with the app but with the team behind Stamped and how responsive and helpful they are. No matter the question I have they are happy to help and very quick to get back to me. I really like the features as well, as we really needed custom questions for our review forms which is something Stamped offers. Highly recommend!

Goodnessme B.

The customer service is really awesome. The team of Stamped respond to my question and help us set up the app at lighting. The app fits our theme of Shopify just like the groves. I believe the app will help us gain more reviews. 5 stars recommend!


The best support, hands down. I had a question that was driving me nuts so I emailed support. They fixed it and replied letting me know it was done within 15 minutes. Unreal. Can't wait to dive deeper into the app.

Nice H.

This app is one of the best that I have come across. It seamlessly blends all my reviews with the Shopify reviews tab, so I do not have to keep uploading css files every time i get a review. I have seen a more than 20% increase in my sales that can be directly attributed to the photo reviews that are a crucial part of this app. The support team is very fast and friendly, and I can't wait to see what more this app can do for my store. Highly recommended.


Great app! I've been using this app now for over a year. Its easy to use and seamlessly works with Shopify Product Reviews. The Stamped support team is always quick and helpful when I have questions or run into any glitches. I definitely recommend this app!

Hashtag H.

Wonderful fhkjsssssssssseeeeeeeeee


Great app, easy to use and would definitely recommend! Thanks!

Esoteric A.

Great to work with and great app! Support is always super helpful and responsive and the app features are excellent and always being improved/expanded. I have worked with other review apps and these guys are the best.

Vintage F.

Great app and service. Thank you

Uni T.

This app is an honest and effective way to make your store credible. The customer service at Stamped is the best of all other apps i have worked with. They help me willingly each time something comes up, and they are actually affordable! Highly recommend for any store with a customer base who is ready to start sharing their feedback!


Review Product Reviews Addon (Photo Reviews / Site Review / Checkout Reviews)


Awesome App. Very easy to install and customize, moreover its free. Thank you for making this great app.

The J.

Makes it SO easy for my customers to leave reviews. Definitely recommend!

The D.

Not only is the app very easy to use and works well, but the support is superb! Thank you Tommy. God bless you.


Makes the review process super easy and our number of reviews (review responses) went way up once we installed this. We love this app!! Thank you Stamped!! We look forward to more development from this group

Health A.

This app has been integral in getting publicity of our great reviews above and beyond the Shopify Product Reviews app. Plus their customer service is top-notch, especially Rachelle. Will be using this app for a long time!

Vet N.

have the free version but already thinking up upgrading.

Dermalogica S.

it is very good.I like this app!


Very good watch I am very satisfied with the quality at the highest level.

Intere S.

Fantastic service! Proved to be a value-add to our Ecommerce experience when A/B tested, and the timely responses from their team have helped us work through any trouble we've run into!

Taylor S.

Not only is this a useful tool, but the developers are super responsive and helpful! Seriously I feel bad for how many times they've helped me with trying to optimize things, they're great!

Great W.

This app is pretty cool and offers all the bells and whistles that you would see on Amazon and other high end eCom websites.

Full T.

Extremely fast response time! Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Mimis K.

It's one of the must-have apps on Shopify. cool features on review.


Great app. Great Support. Some quality features are extremely expensive though, But there is still great value to the cheaper plans


wonderful app your review is too short. Enter a comment that is a t leasrt 30 charaterertes


Excellent app with affordable pricing. Support is professional and quick. One of the app that we're extremely found useful and helpful. Keep up the good work


Tommy was VERY responsive to my issues when it didn’t seem like the app had recognized that I already had Product Reviews loaded on my store. I’m hoping that this app works as well as I think it will - it’s comforting to know that if I have any trouble or questions, there is someone there to help me. Thanks Tommy!

Weenie W.

Service and quality of the application are second to none. I would highly recommend this app to anyone in need of a complete product/checkout review solution. This review was unsolicited.

Pretty R.

After searching and searching for a simple solution for adding customer review option to my site, I decided to give Stamped a try because they seemed to have most of the options I was looking for at their Basic plan. After playing around with the Basic plan for few days, with no pressure to upgrade, I upgraded to Premium plan to explore more options, and had everything customized with great great help from Stamped team. I feel confident that I'm getting a lot more for what I'm paying for! Service is impeccable. Their plan prices are excellent for the product and service. I'm going to be very happy with my Premium plan (it's only $29 - yup that's a great price compared to other apps!) for a while, and can't wait til business grows so that I can upgrade to Enterprise plan in the future! THANK YOU Stamped

B M.

Great product and service matched by awesome customer service! I couldn't recommend it more. It's definitely increased the number of reviews and comments!

King K.

This app is great for collecting reviews automatically and looks professional on your website! The customer service team is quick and helpful!

Glam P.

Awesome Review app at a great price! Customer service is A+++


So far so good! Thanks for the great app!

Wildwood G.

I think it's very good! I love it


very very good, very very good

Mckinleyshop C.

These guys blow Yotpo out of the water! I initially went with yotpo about two years ago and the price tag outweighed the value to me. I dealt with the standard shopify review app for awhile but recently realized I needed to upgrade. I tried these guys and have been EXTREMELY SATISFIED with the results. The tool is easy to implement, easy to use, and their customer service is great. This is all at a fraction of the price you pay other review apps. I could not be happier with this app. Highly Recommend!

3rd E.

We love this app. There's so many features to use. This is a must have for any Ecommerce site to instill customer trust.

Ettica C.

Superb product really has helped increase sales by giving customers confidence in our products. Easy to setup, and SUPERB support. Highly recommend.

Runr U.

The tool performs as expected, is reasonably priced, but the best part is that it allows a lot of useful tiers so you can really pay what you want and still have a functional product. Service has been great, will continue to use!

Sneakypetestore C.

very handy and powerful for sales

Cocky F.

great add on. The auto feature allow customer to leave a review on their email reply. This add convenience to the customer to generate more review than other apps.


Extraordinary care and attention, this app is great and does so much more than the competitors at a price level that gives this software the edge. The Support is where this app excels in and nothing is too small for these guys to help with. Thank you Rochelle and Tommy.

Design C.

So far so good! Stamped has been easy to implement and any questions I've had have been answered by the app developer quickly, including having them adding code to my store. My store sells fretwork panels that allow people to customise their flat-pack furniture, so the ability to collect photos reviews is incredibly powerful. And the ability to create customised landing pages for post-review activity is brilliant. Five stars for these guys. You can check out Stamped in my store: WWW.STYLKEA.COM

Prink F.

When you need help they're there! Like all apps they're in constant development. I choose this app vs. other review apps because well price. When I started using the app I discovered their customer service was there for me whenever I found any issues or bugs!

Slick V.

very customizable, great support team, way cheaper than other providers like yotpo with significantly more features below enterprise level thanks!


Very helpful customer service. Efficient!

Www L.

Stamped is the perfect review platform! Offering a wide range of plans and features, you're sure to find just what you need. Stumped on a customization piece or have a simple question? No fear, Stamped is here! The Stamped customer service team is top notch not only at giving you the info you need, but also at getting it to you in the most timely manner. A++++!

Sleep F.

Had a great experience with Stamped so far! I love the in-email review feature, I've found that really helps me get more reviews. The Stamped team is SUPER helpful and really responsive. I had to migrate my account over from Wordpress and they helped me every step of the way. Great service guys!

Urban S.

This app has one of the best customer service of any app I've experienced on Shopify. Not only is the product more than complete for reviews and customer feedback (more capabilities and features than we are using) but well thought in consumer experience and design. Very happy as an Enterprise user!!

Pantys B.

Excellent Support and awesome service . THere are rooms for improvement. But overall the best review app out there


Good material i like it Giod quality

Krishna B.

Incredible app and fantastic customer service! Works wonderfully and provides essential insights to new customers. baileysblossoms.com

Baileys B.

good tool good tool good tool good tool good tool good tool good tool good tool good tool


Using this on a couple of stores now and this is by far the best review app with first class support. Keep up the good work guys :-) Fascinators UK https://fascinatorsdirect.co.uk


We were looking for a lower cost alternative to a product reviews app that we were using when we found Stamped. What we did not know at the time is how much more we would get in terms of app performance and service but at a much more reasonable price. Rachelle was extremely helpful in supporting us through the setup. She responded quickly every single time. I cannot say enough good things about this app! I highly recommend it!

Nuknuuk C.

Excellent customer service! I highly recommend for anyone who wants a service you can put on auto pilot. One less thing to worry about. Thank you!

Woodfire C.

Excellent service, always make any changes i need and very quick turn around time. If i could give 10 stars i would. Keep up the great work.


Brilliant app - easy to use for a novice like myself. And the customer support is A+. They got back to me quickly - on a weekend too! Thanks for the great app team :)


Excellent reviews app, you get a ton of free features that are very user-friendly. You can always use CSS coding to customize fonts and other aspects. Very flexible platform.


Good app. Support helped to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.


Great app. Easy to install and great customer support. If I have one criticism it's that sales and publicly available support documentation (which I like to look at before signing up for a product) are nowhere near as good as the personal support you receive as a customer.

Aromatics O.

it very easy for me to set up the app very nice


Customer service is quick to reply and quick to solve any issues!

Bylt A.

Excellent app and great support from the team. Many thanks from www.duoboots.com!


We switched over from Yotpo to Stamped and we are glad that we did. Customer support and service is just amazing from Rachelle and Tommy. Everything works just as well and the savings are incredible compared to their competitor. I would highly recommend Stamped for the value and most of all for the incredible support. They will make switching over very easy and are always there to assist whenever you need them. Just plain awesome! Thank you guys and keep up the great work!!!


Tommy from Stamped helped us quickly when we had some issues. The customer service level is immaculate. You can be rest assured that Stamped take care of its customers and they give great value for money.


Great customer service, Every question i had was answered in full detail, and quickly. Not only that but the product itself is amazing! It's added tremendous value to my brand!

6am W.

Great app with amazing customer service. Has all of the bells and whistles and the support team to help with any questions along the way. Extremely happy with the product.

Seaweed B.

This is a great app and their team is quick to respond to questions!

Luxe A.

Excellent app and so glad with our move from Yotpo to Stamped which has been great. We really liked Yotpo, but there costs were more than double what our Stamped plan is, plus we get way more features! Loving the checkout reviews feature that Yotpo does not have. Amazingly fast support responses and super helpful with all our migration questions and got us moved over and running in no time. Highly recommend and will be using again on other sites for sure!!

Lifestyle C.

Love this app already! I had a review app before but it didn't send automatic emails and it became impossible to get reviews from customers because no one wants to click links, they want to do it right from their email. I had to reach out to support for help and had a reply within minutes which has actually beat most of the apps support by far! My site was set up and reviews were all transferred AND the app has even picked up on orders that went out today for a scheduled email!! LOVE!!! Customer support is awesome and this app is awesome!

Raw E.

Outstanding product and their customer support is amazing! I had a query, they logged in to my site and sorted it really quickly. I'm excited to see the product reviews start flooding in, thanks!! Adam


This is the best plugin out there, however, the best part isn`t the plugin itself - it is the customer support. I think that this company has the best customer support - they feel like colleagues to me - responding super fast, they help you out with every matter and helps to setu up the plugin. Recommend to everyone! :)


I usually never leave reviews but Tommy responded super quickly and fixed my issue almost immediately. Great customer support.

Shots N.

The BEST REVIEW APP for your shop. Yes, we tried quite a few until we finally found Stamped The support is amazing and the app is so well designed. It has made a huge difference in our shop and I know it has helped increase conversion. Thank you for an awesome app and top notch customer support! PS: I forgot to add. We actually get reviews now! With the other apps we tried, reviews were basically non-existent. Now we get reviews and picture reviews too. We are very happy with it.


Tommy is superhuman! Stamped's customer support is insanely good. I'd shoot him an email with a request, make a cup of coffee and by the time I returned to my computer the modification was already done! It feels like we have a dedicated staff member. #respect We are just scratching the surface of the app's full functionality, but so far we are beyond happy. Full disclosure: We'd been using Yotpo for almost five years before switching. I must say that everyone at Yotpo has been wonderful. But as a small business we could not justify investing such a large amount for specific upgrades without knowing the ROI. Stamped provides the functionality we need at a justifiable price point.

Stubble S.
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