Reviews and Loyalty

Combine Reviews and Loyalty to build trust and give your customers a voice.

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Product Reviews and Ratings

Give your customers a voice by collecting and showcasing high quality reviews

Visual User Generated Content

Enrich your marketing with customer photos and videos

Net Promoter Score

Further build credibility with site and brand reviews

Uncover Actionable Insights with Smart Data

Measure your progress and improve your results

Points and Rewards

Build trust and reward your customers for engaging with your brand

VIP Programs

Strengthen relationships with your most active customers with tiered points program

Referral Program

Give your customers a voice to refer their friends and family

Loyalty Launcher Widget

Acquire new customers and maximize customer lifetime value with powerful programs that perfectly fit your brand needs with our fully customizable AI-powered Points and Rewards, VIP Tiers, and Referral solutions.

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Dedicated Rewards Page and Redemption Widgets

Loyalty Program Overview

Loyalty Program Overview Illustrate how your Loyalty Program works.

Spending Campaigns

Highlight points redemption discounts and perks.

VIP Tiers

Display your Loyalty tiers to incentivize customers and highlight the exclusive discounts and perks they can redeem.

Points Campaigns

Detail how your customers can earn points.

Rewards Redemption

Detail the different ways to redeem discounts and perks.

Referral Program

Make it easy for your customers to share your brand with their friends and family.

Dedicated Referral Page

Launch your referral program quickly and easily with various ways to engage your customers. Choose the form and design the one that makes the most sense for your brand and ideal customer experience.

Rewards Launcher

Create your own on-brand referral launcher in-app to maximize usage across your site.

Dedicated Referral Widget

Seamlessly include a referral link in your Rewards Page to allow your best customers to easily refer their friends and family.

Referral Modal Widget

Our Referral Modal pops up right after the order has been confirmed, a feel-good moment for your customer and the best time to introduce your Referral program and incentives.

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Customer Reviews

Easily add user-generated visuals to social media platforms, ads, and marketing campaigns to increase engagement and build your brand.

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Main Display Widgets

Main Display Widgets

Moderate Reviews Effortlessly

Our intuitive Review Management Tools provide you with everything you need to manage the customer review process from beginning to end.


Moderation Process

Intuitive design simplifies the moderation process and makes publishing and unpublishing fast and easy.


Automatically analyze, publish and manage large volumes of reviews at scale with the help of A.I.

Profanity Filter

Includes a profanity filter with the ability to whitelist and blacklist industry-sensitive words.

Sentiment Analysis

This A.I.powered tool helps to ensure that reviews accurately reflect the intent of the reviewers.

Survey Experience that Works Everywhere

Customize and personalize your NPS surveys to maximize the insights received about how customers perceive your company.

Simple Survey Experience

Customers respond directly in the email, text message, or website. No external links.

Works Everywhere

Optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile environments. It works flawlessly everywhere.

Use Your Branding

With just your logo and a few simple choices, the experience will seamlessly fit your brand.

Multi-lingual Support

Localize the emails based on your customer's location and their preferred language.

Gather High Quality, Actionable Feedback

Built on a proven methodology, Stamped’s NPS capabilities allow you to monitor your customer’s loyalty and satisfaction trends, while providing actionable insights real-time to help improve company performance.

Stamped uses big data to maximize response rates and feedback quality.

Customers are asked a simple question: “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?”

Customers are placed in 3 groups depending on their response: detractors, passives, promoters.

NPS is relied upon by top brands: Apple, Four Seasons, Disney, Zappos, Jet Blue, and many more.

Route Feedback Instantly

With alerts you can route feedback to the right person or team in your organization.

Over-Surveying Prevention

You are always protected from over-surveying - no single person ever gets too many surveys.

Contextualize Follow Up

Wow your customers by reaching out to them individually through a direct in-line NPS reply.


Stamped plays well with all of the different tools and vendors you already use to run your business, including all of the major Ecommerce platforms, email/SMS marketing solutions, productivity apps, and more.

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