Hundreds of brands migrate from Smile to Stamped.

Forward-thinking direct-to-consumer brands are migrating from Smile to Stamped™ for unparalleled marketing, automation and ease-of-use in day-to-day business operations.

Why Stamped?


Rewards & Loyalty, Made Easy

Build customer loyalty and grow sales with a beautifully branded loyalty program that rewards your customers for purchases, referrals and more.


Best-In-Class Support

Highly skilled and responsive support team that repeatedly sets us apart from the competition.


Seamless Integration

Experience the customer segmentation benefits of combining Stamped’s Reviews & Ratings with Loyalty & Referrals on a single unified platform.


Enhanced Automation Capabilities

Stamped's powerful automation features enable business owners and managers to more effectively execute processes, making the review generation, sentiment analysis and management process a breeze.

Another fantastic app from the Stamped™ team. I'd been searching for a loyalty app that would fit my needs and this is it. Stellar support as always and it integrates with Stamped™ Reviews. If you're on the fence, get it and you won't regret it.


Key Features
Available on All Plans

Stamped's unparalleled automation features and best-in-class usability provides amazing value to both growing businesses and Enterprise customers that Smile cannot match.

Loyalty & Rewards program

Incentivize customers with rewards for engaging with your brand. Maximize your customers lifetime value and increase profitability.

VIP loyalty tiers

Reward your best customers with a combination of tier entry rewards and custom perks. A VIP loyalty program fosters long-standing relationships that keep on giving.

Referral program

Embrace the power of Word-of-mouth marketing, the most efficient and cost effective marketing strategy. Enable and reward your customers for sharing your products.

Fully customizable

You can customize colors, fonts, logos... Stamped™ enables you to take full control so that you're always on-brand.

Stamped Feature Highlights

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Simple onboarding and setup

You can get up and running in just a few minutes! Simplified training and adoption for your team so you can start delivering value from Day 1.

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Multiple loyalty programs

Stamped™ enables you to start running a simple points/rewards program, a VIP loyalty program and a referral program. You can run only one or combine them as you see fit.

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Smart notifications

With Stamped, your customers receive reminders for expiring points and rewards, incentivizing additional sales.

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Smart reminders

With Stamped, your customers receive reminders for expiring points and rewards, incentivizing additional sales.

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Guest Account points attribution

Customers who checkout with guest accounts earn points on purchases as well. A great way to incentivise guest checkouts to revisit and access their points to repurchase with discounts!

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Dedicated Loyalty page

Want an interactive loyalty page that looks like it's part of your branding and site, and not a floating icon on the side of your screen? With Stamped, you can!

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