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Forward-thinking direct-to-consumer brands are migrating to from Yotpo to avoid excessive fees and get access to unparalleled features that make customer reviews and engagement a core business advantage.

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Transparent Pricing

Fair and transparent pricing allows you to scale with us.


Best-In-Class Support

Highly skilled and responsive support team that repeatedly sets us apart from the competition.


Seamless Integration

Experience the benefits of’s Reviews and Loyalty Program on a single unified platform.


Simple Onboarding Process

Simplified training and adoption for your team so you can start delivering value from Day 1.

Interviewed both and Yotpo when doing research for a review app and the customer service from Yotpo was terrible. Not even average just plain bad. They didn't care about me or my questions. I asked for a live demo three times and they never gave me one. They just kept telling me to download the app and try it and then ask questions which is exactly what I didn't want to do. The experience with was the complete opposite. Super fast and very friendly customer service a full live demo showing me how to use all the features of the app, installation was extremely easy and fast and all around just a wonderful stress-free experience. I'm so happy we are working with!

Katie Dean
Founder & Designer

Features Comparison's unparalleled features and best-in-class usability provides amazing value to both Enterprise and growing businesses that Yotpo simply cannot match.

Smart Social Banners

Create beautiful and optimized social banners with pre-designed templates that you can use on-site, on social media and in marketing campaigns.


Gather High Quality, Actionable Feedback

Built on a proven methodology,'s NPS capabilities allow you to monitor your customer’s loyalty and satisfaction trends, while providing actionable insights real-time to help improve company performance.


Flexible Review Request Timing

Choose whether you request reviews based on when the orders are placed or when the orders have been fulfilled.

Smart Email Client Optimization

Ensure an optimized review request experience regardless of the customer email client for a frustration-free experience and higher conversion rates.

Review Request Email A/B Testing Capabilities

Analyze and Optimize your email review requests by leveraging statistics based on individual email sequences.

Multiple Product Purchase Handling

List all customer purchases in a single email for review instead of sending an email review request for each purchase.

Smart Banners

Easily create compelling banner images from your customer reviews and photos for use on your website, social media, or marketing campaigns, with a smart banner tool.

Instagram Shoppable Gallery

Frictionless shopping from Instagram for Shopify users with “Add to Cart” functionality in-app Instagram Shoppable Gallery (unique to

Sophisticated Product Grouping

Group by multiple product identifiers: Product ID, SKU, Title, Type 1-way and 2-ways.

Net Promoter Score / Customer Surveys

Use real-time feedback and insights to optimize your customers’ experience and your brand image with NPS and survey capabilities.

Review Request Queue Insights

Full visibility into review request queue covering what will be sent, when and what product recommendations are included.

On-Brand Capabilities

Stay on-brand and in full control with white-labeled design widgets.

Limited by Plan

Swapped to Stamped to escape YOTPO which was super bloated and was slowing down our site. Stamped was easy to install, easy to migrate our existing reviews over and hasn't slowed our site down. Best of all it looks great on the site and is super easy customers to use and for us to manage.

Alex Sinanan
Navas Lab Founder

Simple and Intuitive UI

Simple and intuitive UI for ease of understanding and navigation,’s UI was built with our users in mind. Dashboard
Yotpo Dashboard

We Practice What We Preach

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AIIR Professional

Absolutely LOVING to manage our reviews. We used Yotpo for the past year and a half and when our contract expired we looked at review apps that were more native to Shopi- fy. fit our needs perfectly. Not only are we paying a FRACTION of the price com- pared to Yotpo, but we have more features, the admin is simple to set up and use, and review responses are higher.

Top Shelf Targets has a great product and a great support team. I was previously using YOTPO but was unhappy due to lack of support, errors and lack of features. I am really happy now using It was easy to set up and import my reviews using the Importer tab (doesn't exist on YOTPO). The other feature I particularly like is the Queue tab which shows all of your customers/orders, whether or not they have received the request yet, whether they wrote a review, etc. With YOTPO, there was no way to tell which reviews had been requested and I was always unsure if it was working. ...

Navas Lab Apparel

Swapped to Stamped to escape YOTPO which was super bloated and was slowing down our site. Stamped was easy to install, easy to migrate our existing reviews over and hasn't slowed our site down. Best of all it looks great on the site and is super easy customers to use and for us to manage.

goPure Beauty

We love this app! We moved from a review app that was a "market leader" and very expensive to Stamped and are very happy! Amazing customer service, amazing features (that all actually work, unlike the expensive marketing leading app). The transition was so easy and smooth, literally a one day launch.


HUGE fan of Stamped. Stamped offers all the same great features everyone else does but at around 1/4th the price, maybe even less. Support is great, features are great, price is great, design is great. 5-stars all around. If you're looking for review software, go with a company that has no annual contracts, like Stamped. If you're not happy,. you can always switch to someone else lat- er, but after almost 4 years on Stamped, l can say its doubtful.


I switched over from Yotpo, which was kind of expensive but also limited given what you get, and it's been such a great change. The team at was SO helpful in getting me set up and addressing all my late-night questions and concerns. They also did some custom configurations for me to make sure that the tools fit my branding and specifications. Looking back, I wish I had made the change long ago. You get access to so many more tools and so much more bang for your buck. Plus the cus- tomer support truly can't be beat. I'd 100% recommend to any business.

Everyday Oil

We decided to use this review app instead of Yotpo, which was 8 times the price, and have had a great experience so far. The customer service is really, really fast and helpful and everyone set it up for us seamlessly. Thank you for a great experience.

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