Thousands of brands migrated from to Stamped.

Forward-thinking direct-to-consumer brands are migrating from to Stamped for unparalleled marketing, automation and ease-of-use in day-to-day business operations.

Why Stamped?


Beautiful Reviews

Easily capture compelling and rich text, photo and video reviews to showcase on your website with built-in widgets.


Best-In-Class Support

Highly skilled and responsive support team that repeatedly sets us apart from the competition.


Seamless Integration

Experience the customer segmentation benefits of combining Stamped's Reviews with Loyalty on a single unified platform.


Enhanced Automation Capabilities

Stamped's powerful automation features enable business owners and managers to execute processes more effectively, making the review generation, sentiment analysis and management process a breeze.

I've used Stamped and and Stamped is my favourite. Both app support teams are amazing and offer white glove service, but Stamped has more bells and whistles. always seems to be playing catch up.

Ryan Popoff
Founder, Popov Leather

Features Comparison

Stamped's unparalleled automation features and best-in-class usability provides amazing value to both growing businesses and Enterprise customers that cannot match.

Review Management Automation for smart Ecommerce businesses

With Stamped's proprietary technology, AI and machine learning will help you automate most of the review management process, from review generation to showcasing and moderation.


Gather High Quality, Actionable Feedback

Built on a proven methodology, Stamped's NPS capabilities allow you to monitor your customer’s loyalty and satisfaction trends, while providing actionable insights real-time to help improve company performance.


Smart Social Banners

Create beautiful and optimized social banners with pre-designed templates that you can use on-site, on social media and in marketing campaigns.



Flexible Review Request Timing

Choose whether you request reviews when the orders are placed or when the orders have been fulfilled.

Smart Email Client Optimization

Ensure higher conversion rates and a frustration-free experience with a highly optimized review request experience, regardless of the customer's email client.

Advanced AI Features (Sentiment, Topics, Insight Analysis)

Save time and improve review impact with automated review moderation, review topic prompts, and Stamped analytics to turbo-charge your social proof marketing and campaigns.

Multiple Product Purchase Handling

Avoid customer's email fatigue by consolidating all customer purchases in a single review request email, instead of sending out one email per purchase.

Smart Banners

Easily create compelling banner images from your customer reviews and photos for use on your website, social media, or marketing campaigns, with a smart banner tool.

Instagram Shoppable Gallery

Frictionless shopping from Instagram for Shopify users with “Add to Cart” functionality, in-app Instagram Shoppable Gallery (unique to Stamped). *Only for Professional plan and above

Sophisticated Product Review Grouping

Group products and share reviews across them using your choice of multiple product identifiers: Product ID, SKU, Title and Types.

Net Promoter Score / Customer Surveys

Use real-time feedback and insights to optimize your customers’ experience and your brand image with NPS and survey capabilities.

Review Request Queue Insights

Full visibility into review request queue covering what will be sent, when and what product recommendations are included.

On-Brand Capabilities

Stay on-brand and in full control with white-labeled design widgets.

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