How Stamped Helped Inno Supps Drive a 51% Lift in AOV
Case StudyFeb 1, 2024

How Stamped Helped Inno Supps Drive a 51% Lift in AOV

  • Website:
  • Vertical: Health & Fitness
  • Region: North America
  • Products: Reviews
  • Integrations: Klaviyo
  • 45% open rate and 5% response rate for review request emails
  • 51% lift in AOV when comparing photo reviews to text-only reviews

About Inno Supps

Inno Supps, founded in 2019, is a leading health and wellness brand dedicated to developing innovative supplements that help people reach their fitness goals. Their mission is to provide the healthiest, most effective natural supplements on the market.

Inno Supps offers a wide range of products catering to individuals from various backgrounds, all striving to enhance and optimize their well-being. Their product line encompasses dietary support, muscle enhancement, and overall wellness and vitality-boosting supplements. Inno Supps is committed to providing clean, natural, and efficient products crafted from premium ingredients, all at an accessible price point. Their products are completely free from sucralose, artificial sweeteners, fillers, or any harmful additives.

Inno Supps distinguishes itself in the market through three key competitive advantages: product quality, marketing strategy and leveraging social proof.

  • To start, their unwavering commitment to product excellence is evident, as they use top-tier natural ingredients, precisely dosed for maximum effectiveness
  • Secondly, they achieved remarkable success in their marketing strategies by establishing brand omnipresence across various channels, facilitated by compelling ads featuring testimonials from doctors, athletes, and customers
  • Lastly, they leverage the influence of social proof, reinforced by user-generated content and reviews, which not only builds trust with customers but also sets them apart from their competitors


Inno Supps is currently facing three specific challenges:

  • Scaling their business quickly and building strong momentum, meaning they need efficient tools that both automate manual processes and boost conversions
  • Increasing efficiency and investing in a tech stack that generates revenue without requiring heavy lifting from their lean team
  • Collecting a large volume of high-quality user-generated content and reviews, as the fitness industry is a heavily saturated market with lots of competitors


To address these challenges, Inno Supps partnered with Stamped because they wanted the ability to send the right review requests at the right time, gamify their photo reviews, and create engaging content that converts.

"Integrating Stamped Reviews into our landing page strategy has significantly boosted our conversion rates. We love how effortlessly we can gather photo and video testimonials from our customers, enhancing revenue growth. Stamped stands out as a top-tier platform for optimizing websites and harnessing authentic customer testimonials to their fullest potential."
Kevin Gundersen, CEO of Inno Supps

With Stamped, Inno Supps was able to:

  • Send timely review requests (i.e. two weeks after fulfillment, then another email one week after) to ensure customers have had time to use and experience the product
  • Offer discounts in exchange for reviews, including 25% off coupons for photo reviews and the chance to win a $500 gift card for video reviews
  • Create customized emails with varying subject lines, first name personalization, and eye-catching graphics featuring customer reviews and photos


Since partnering with Stamped, Inno Supps has collected over 5,000 photo reviews and driven the following outcomes:

  • 4.6% conversion rate for customers who interacted with photo reviews after optimizing and gamifying their photo review strategy, compared to 1.3% conversion rate for text only 
  • 51% lift in average order value (AOV) when comparing customers who interacted with photo reviews versus customers who interacted with text-only reviews
  • 45% open rate and 5% response rate for review request emails, a significant result compared to the industry standard of a 30% open rate and 1 - 3% response rate

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