How Stamped Helped Lilac St. Boost Their AOV by 37% with Referrals
Case StudyJun 21, 2023

How Stamped Helped Lilac St. Boost Their AOV by 37% with Referrals

  • Website:
  • Vertical: Beauty & Wellness
  • Region: North America
  • Products: Reviews, Loyalty
  • 5% of all new revenue comes from referrals
  • 37% higher AOV for referred customers compared to non-referred customers

About Lilac St.

Lilac St. was founded by Alicia Zeng, who was searching for salon-quality eyelash products but couldn’t find any that were up to the task. Their main mission is to “encourage everyone to express the infinite multitudes of who they are”, believing that “courage and rebellion should be celebrated, and that individual differences are a force for good in the world around us”.

Lilac St.’s signature product is their vegan, cruelty-free DIY lash extensions made with 100% premium Korean silk PBT. They also offer accessories like lash glue and applicators, compact mirrors, and travel bags. Customers can either make individual purchases or sign up for Lilac St.’s subscription box to get new products on a monthly basis.

Lilac St. has two main competitive advantages: inclusivity and quality. They demonstrate inclusivity through their affordable price point and how they engages with their community, keeping their customers at the forefront of every conversation. They also practice quality by leveraging a strict quality control process to ensure each product is always made with the highest quality ingredients and is formulated with efficacy and safety in mind.


In the near future, Lilac St. plans to focus on three important goals:

  • Refine their retention program
  • Scale their acquisition program
  • Continue growing the business by prioritizing key metrics

Specifically, Lilac St.’s main priorities are their customer acquisition costs (CAC), marketing efficiency ratio (MER), customer lifetime value (LTV), and subscription revenue.

Like many ecommerce brands, Lilac St. is also currently looking to solve a few challenges:

  • How to pivot from ad-based acquisition to organic acquisition and retention strategies
  • How to leverage AI and other new technologies to improve the customer experience
  • How to reward customers for engaging with them and leaving helpful reviews for others


To address these challenges, Lilac St. partnered with Stamped because their customers were already organically posting about Lilac St. on social media and sharing the brand with their friends. Lilac St. felt that Stamped was the best fit to help reflect and encourage customers to continue these desired behaviors.

“[Stamped’s] full feature set encompasses both customer experience worlds: the configurability of the widgets to be in our branding, and to set our own reward levels and offerings that fit our business best.”
Casey Hart, Director of Marketing at Lilac St.

With Stamped, Lilac St. was able to:

  • Collect product reviews by enabling and customizing Stamped’s in-email form and review request sequences
  • Showcase reviews on their product display pages to build customer trust and improve conversion rates
  • Reward customers with discounts and free gifts in exchange for purchases, subscriptions, reviews, and social media engagement
  • Boost customer acquisition by rewarding customers for sending referrals and utilizing their personalized affiliate links
  • Prioritize meaningful benefits for VIP customers and/or customers who drive successful referrals in order to boost referral, acquisition, and retention rates


Since partnering with Stamped, Lilac St. has collected over 10,000 verified product reviews and driven the following outcomes:

  • 5% of all new revenue comes from referrals
  • 37% higher AOV for referred customers compared to non-referred customers
  • 1,000+ purchases from referrals and 130+ purchases from referrers over the course of two months

“It’s really supported us in communicating our appreciation for our customers, and in turn made our audience stick more closely with us as we have grown. Stamped has definitely supercharged our customer retention.”
Casey Hart, Director of Marketing at Lilac St.

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