Integration Spotlight: Shop App & Stamped
IntegrationNov 20, 2023

Integration Spotlight: Shop App & Stamped

Stamped is excited to announce our brand-new integration with the Shop app, Shopify’s digital shopping assistant app.

We’ve partnered with Shopify to automatically syndicate Stamped Reviews with their Shop app. You can now add your reviews to another sales channel, building trust with your customers and boosting conversions with no additional effort required.

Why It Matters

The Shop app is Shopify’s digital shopping assistant app that makes it easy for customers to speed through checkout, track their order and shipment details, and rediscover the brands they love. Shop app helps businesses sell more by making it easier for customers to complete their purchase. Over 100 million high-intent, high-value buyers are opted into one-click checkout with Shop Pay. It’s the single most popular and trusted digital wallet on Shopify. The proof is in the data: 

  • On the Shop app, shoppers spend more money and are more likely to come back. Every day, thousands of shoppers buy from a brand for the first time, and 35% of the orders on the Shop app are repeat purchases. 
  • Brands are more likely to convert shoppers with Shop Pay. According to research conducted by one of the Big 3 consulting firms, Shop Pay can lift conversion by as much as 50% compared to guest checkout and outpaces other accelerated checkout tools by as much as 15%.

Now, when customers discover your brand and products through the Shop app, they’ll see all of your Stamped product reviews. Reviews from your existing customers build trust with potential shoppers, giving them even greater purchase confidence and increasing your conversion metrics.

How It Works

The Stamped and Shop app integration enables two-way syndication of your product reviews between both platforms. When enabled, reviews will automatically display across both Stamped and the Shop app with no additional effort or settings required. Reviews on each platform will be tagged with their source (i.e. Stamped or Shop app).

This integration is automatically enabled for online stores that meet Shop’s eligibility requirements. All new reviews will be synced this week. Older reviews may take a few weeks to appear.

​​Questions? Connect with our team.

If you have any additional questions about the Stamped and Shop app integration or about Stamped in general, please reach out to our support team or get in touch with your Customer Success Manager so we can help you make the most of this exciting new integration. To learn more, check out the help article.

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