Stamped Customer Awards 2023
Customer Success StoryJan 25, 2024

Stamped Customer Awards 2023

2023 was an exceptional year for our community of over 75,000 leading and fast-growing brands, as evidenced by their incredible turnout during BFCM and beyond. To celebrate, for the first time ever, we’re announcing our top-performing brands from the past year and sharing why they stood out. From the best reviews landing page to the best loyalty program and more, check out our team’s picks for this year’s Stamped Customer Awards!

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Vertical: CPG | Products: Reviews

Best Reviews: Lume Deodorant

Lume Deodorant is a deodorant brand founded by OB/GYN Dr. Shannon Klingman, M.D., best known for its whole-body deodorant that deals with odors “for pits, privates, and beyond”, giving customers the “confidence to live [their] very best lives - free from body odor and self-doubt”.

Lume Deodorant makes the most of Stamped Reviews by not only collecting product reviews, but showcasing them across their website. Some of their best reviews are featured on their homepage, where they boast “over 200,000 5-star reviews”. Reviews are highlighted on both their collection and product pages. Lastly, they have a fully-branded landing page dedicated to product reviews and video testimonials, where customers can see all of their reviews at a glance.

Vertical: CPG | Products: Reviews, Loyalty

Best Loyalty Program: Sunrise Flour Mill

Sunrise Flour Mill is a CPG brand specializing in single-source, organic heritage flours and other baking products like sourdough starters, pancake mixes, and cornmeal. They pride themselves on small-batch milling of heritage wheat free from chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides.

Their loyalty program, Sunrise Rewards, is a great example of how to customize Stamped Loyalty to suit both your brand and your customers. To start, their dedicated loyalty landing page includes a tutorial video on how to earn and redeem points, simplifying the process for customers new to loyalty programs. They offer a variety of earning rules, from making purchases to writing reviews to engaging on social media. They also offer a range of free products as rewards in exchange for points, such as their heritage flour, oat cereal, and sourdough starters. Lastly, customers receive $10 off with every successful referral, incentivizing their friends and family with 10% off their first purchase in return.

Vertical: Beauty | Products: Reviews, Loyalty

Best Points Program: Three Ships Beauty

Three Ships Beauty is a clean beauty brand whose mission is “to be the most effective, natural beauty brand in the world”, with products made of 100% science-backed, sustainably sourced ingredients. Their bestsellers include cleaners, toners, serums, masks, and more.

Three Ships Rewards Program members have a wide selection of earning and redeeming rules to choose from, allowing them to fully personalize their brand experience. They can earn points by making purchases, leaving reviews, and following them on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Customers can then redeem their points for products or merchandise, from individual items and product bundles to branded sweatshirts and hoodies. In addition to their stellar points program, Three Ships Beauty also offers referral bonuses and VIP tiers, where customers get extra benefits for referring their friends and earning a certain number of points. Lastly, they have a detailed FAQ at the bottom for customers new to participating in loyalty programs.

Vertical: CPG | Products: Reviews, Loyalty

Best VIP Program: Harney & Sons

Harney & Sons is a family-owned tea brand, whose “simple promise [is] to deliver customers the finest quality tea possible”, offering over 300 tea blends ranging from classic flavors like Earl Grey and English Breakfast to different types of iced teas, matcha, and CBD products.

Harney & Sons’s Tea Infusiast program members are sorted into three different VIP tiers based on how much they’ve spent in a year: Tea Drinker, Tea Collector, and Tea Lover. With each tier, customers gain access to more exclusive benefits and rewards, including bigger points multipliers ranging from 1 point per dollar spent to 1.5 points per dollar spent, plus a tier entry reward of a free product from their curated Tea Collector and Tea Lover collections, respectively. Their VIP tiers perfectly complement their points program, where customers earn points for purchases, reviews, and social engagement. They can then redeem their points for discounts and gifts. Lastly, customers earn 200 points ($10) for every successful referral, rewarding their friends with a $10 off coupon in return.

Vertical: Beauty | Products: Reviews, Loyalty

Best Referral Program: Lilac St.

Lilac St. is a beauty brand specializing in vegan, cruelty-free DIY lash extensions made with 100% premium Korean silk PBT, promising salon quality at affordable prices. They also offer related accessories like lash glue and applicators, compact mirrors, and travel bags.

Lilac St.’s loyalty program, also known as their brand ambassador program, puts special emphasis on referrals and social sharing to increase brand awareness and reach. Both customers and their friends receive a 20% off coupon with every successful referral, incentivizing customers to spread the word about the brand. As part of their points program, Lilac St. also rewards customers with 100 points for following them on social media and 50 points for tagging them on Instagram or TikTok. Customers can then redeem their points for discounts or free gifts and earn access to exclusive benefits as they move up through their VIP tiers. To learn more about Lilac St.’s rewards program, check out our recent case study.

Vertical: Health & Wellness | Products: Reviews

Best Reviews Landing Page: Calming Co.

Calming Co. is a health & wellness brand whose signature product is Ü Relax, a drink powder formulated with kava kava, a plant best known for its calming properties. This all-natural tonic, which is dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan helps customers “to feel calmer, longer”.

Calming Co.’s dedicated landing page is fully branded and customized to fit in with the rest of their website, from the fonts to the colors to the overall layout. They featured some of their best reviews at the top of the page, which address common customer concerns like clarity of mind and energy levels. Their main reviews widget allows customers to filter by star ratings, view users’ photos and videos, and see questions asked by other customers. Calming Co.’s dedicated reviews landing page provides a concise overview that gives new customers the confidence they need to make a purchase.

Vertical: Beauty | Products: Reviews, Loyalty

Best Loyalty Landing Page: Georgiemane

Georgiemane is a hair care brand whose aim is to “deliver the highest quality and most effective hair care products that every hair type can benefit from”. Some of their bestsellers include hair masks, growth spray, anti-frizz serum, curl cream, and dry shampoo.

Georgiemane’s loyalty landing page is fully customized to match the rest of their branding, including their fonts, colors, icons, and bubble graphics. The hero image encourages customers to join the program by offering 100 points in exchange for account creation. They offer several ways to earn points, such as making multiple purchases, celebrating a birthday, and following them on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Their VIP tiers clearly define exclusive benefits for each tier, from early access to product launches to the opportunity to test upcoming products. Lastly, they have a graphic to show customers how to convert their reward points into cash, simplifying the process for those unfamiliar with loyalty programs.

Vertical: Apparel | Products: Reviews

Best Integrations: Shapermint

Shapermint is an intimates brand who specializes in inclusive shapewear for all body types, shapes, and sizes. Their core focus is on creating a community “built on body confidence, empowerment, and self-love” by redefining shapewear so customers feel good in their own skin.

In addition to having a great reviews landing page featuring some of their best testimonials and an expansive reviews widget with topic filters, community Q&A, and UGC, Shapermint also has their own app, created with Tapcart. Their app includes app-exclusive discounts, push notifications, and links to their loyalty program, ambassador program, and blog. With the Stamped and Tapcart integration, their app also features all of their product reviews, making it easy for mobile shoppers to read and write reviews without needing to switch to another device. By combining the convenience of mobile shopping and the power of social proof, customers are more likely to make a purchase. Learn more about the Stamped and Tapcart integration here.

Vertical: Health & Wellness | Products: Reviews

Best Email Sequences: Inno Supps

Inno Supps is a leading health & wellness brand dedicated to developing innovative supplements like protein powder and vitamin gummies that help people achieve their fitness goals. Their mission is to provide the healthiest, most effective supplements on the market.

Inno Supps makes the most of Stamped Reviews by gamifying their review request process and creating engaging content that converts. To start, they send timely review requests (i.e. two weeks after fulfillment, then another email one week after) to give customers time to experience the product. Next, they offer discounts in exchange for reviews, including 25% off coupons for photo reviews and the chance to win a $500 gift card for video reviews. Lastly, they send fully customized emails with liquid variables and eye-catching graphics featuring customers’ reviews and photos to encourage request recipients to submit their own review. To learn more about Inno Supps's review request sequence strategy, check out our latest case study.

Honorable Mentions

Our team had a hard time picking this year’s winners, so we also wanted to share some honorable mentions - brands that didn’t quite make the cut, but still had an impressive year:

Native (CPG | Reviews)
Native has collected over 50,000 reviews across all of their products, from their signature deodorants and body washes to their shampoos, conditioners, and skincare. They also feature some of their best reviews on their homepage, highlighting product differentiators like ingredients, scents, and longevity.

Tentree (Apparel | Reviews)
Tentree features some of their best reviews on their homepage and in their social media posts. As part of their review requests, they ask customers to include their height and weight so future customers can match their own measurements to the correct product size. Lastly, their main reviews widget allows customers to filter by size and fit (i.e. whether the product is true to size).

Maju Superfoods (Health & Wellness | Reviews, Loyalty)
Maju Superfoods’s rewards program provides customers with lots of options for earning and redeeming points, as well as exclusive VIP benefits like points multipliers, entry rewards, and bonus points. Maju rewards customers for writing reviews, subscribing to their newsletter, and making repeat purchases, strengthening their overall retention strategy.

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