The Best Reviews App for Shopify:
IntegrationSep 21, 2021

The Best Reviews App for Shopify:

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What’s the best reviews app for Shopify?

The eCommerce giant boasts over 1,000,000 online shops worldwide, and they’re all competing for your customer’s attention and hard-earned cash.

So the best reviews app should work hard behind the scenes and throughout your Shopify store to show shoppers why you’re the brand to buy from.

And that’s exactly what the Stamped Reviews & Ratings app helps your business accomplish.

Our highly-rated reviews app is a seamless integration designed to catapult your store’s growth by easily capturing customer reviews to display in strategic locations throughout your site.

While Shopify helps you set up your online store and sell your products, our tool helps quickly build trust and convert online browsers into customers. 

So in this guide, you’ll learn all about how this perfect match works.

We’ll show you what makes Reviews & Ratings the best reviews app for Shopify and break down how you’ll reap the benefits of both platforms working together.

5 Reasons Reviews & Ratings is The Best Reviews App for Shopify

What helped the Reviews & Ratings app earn the title of Best Reviews App for Shopify?

It’s not just one reason -- it’s actually five key features. These innovations help our app stand out from other lackluster reviews integrations and take the heavy lifting out of this task. 

While it’s building trust for potential customers and boosting sales for your Shopify store, you’ll be free to handle the other nuances of growing your business.

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So we think it’s only fair that you should know about them.

After all, your competitors might already be using our app. And if they’re not, you’ll have an even bigger advantage if you take our advice today and try it for yourself.

Our best-in-class eCommerce marketing solution:

1. Creates On-Brand, Eye-Catching Product Reviews to Drive Sales

Can reviews be powerful enough to actually drive sales? Absolutely!

Using our tool, you can create product reviews that fit seamlessly into your website and branding. These visually appealing reviews capture attention, show off your product’s best attributes, and create a cohesive marketing machine. 

When customers see these stunning reviews, they’ll know your brand is the one to trust, helping to drive sales.

2. Leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning help business owners work smarter, not harder. And that’s precisely what you’ll score with Stamped’s Reviews & Ratings app.

On top of capturing customer feedback, you’ll also have access to customer insights you can actually use. 

This helps you leverage our powerful AI and machine learning to improve your product and overall experience. You and your team can continually evolve based on this data to keep customers happy and coming back for more. 

3. Improves Your Search Rankings

When you use our app’s predictive machine learning, you can instantly identify your happiest customers and encourage them to write reviews. 

But you won’t have to lift a finger to ask for these reviews -- our smart app uses three different avenues to automate the reviews collection process for you. 

We’ll dish more about how this works in the next section.

An abundance of product reviews perfectly optimized for search engines will help your store and products appear higher up in search engine results pages (SERPs), making it a breeze for new customers to find your store.

So now you’ll be driving more traffic, building more trust, and making more conversions. Could you ask for anything more?

4. Seamlessly Integrates with Shopify 

Unlike other third-party reviews apps, was designed to work seamlessly with Shopify retailers of all sizes.

So whether you’re just starting out or looking to double or triple your existing business, our tool will help you get there without frustrating back-end mishaps.

Since it’s been meticulously developed for Shopify and with Shopify customers and business owners in mind, you can trust Stamped’s Reviews & Ratings to just work.

And if your current reviews app has been nothing but headaches for your team, this may be worth its weight in gold stars.

5. Boasts Off-the-Chart Ratings

What kind of reviews app would we be without our own highly-rated customer reviews? 

We proudly claim over 4,500 stellar customer reviews!

Stamped’s Reviews & Ratings app makes review generation for Shopify so easy and effective, people can’t help but love it.

So let’s talk about how it works and what you can do with our tool:

How to Use the Best Reviews App for Shopify:

Knowing which reviews app is best is the first step. But to get the most out of it, you need to know how to use it too.

So here’s how Stamped’s Reviews & Ratings works:

1. Automatically Capture Reviews from Customers Three Ways 

With our tool, you have three effortless ways to automate how you collect your customer reviews:

Email. Our tool lets you embed your review form directly in your emails. This makes it easy for customers to complete a review without spending too much time doing so.

Because it’s so simple, we’ve seen conversion rates increase by as much as 70%!

Facebook Messenger. The tool also lets you similarly automate your Facebook Messenger reviews. Using a one-click form, these types of review messages make it simple and easy for your customers to share their feedback, which means they’ll be more likely to do so.

SMS. You can also leverage SMS if your customers prefer it. SMS review requests show higher open rates and customers who are happy to leave a review.

So you have three effective and easy ways to capture reviews without having to do any of the heavy lifting!

From here, your next step is to:

2. Showcase Your Best Reviews Throughout Your Shopify Store

Collecting reviews is step one. Next, you’ll need to display these customer reviews throughout your Shopify store to take full advantage of their benefits.

Our tool can help you populate glowing reviews on your:

Homepage. Adding testimonials to your homepage quickly adds credibility to your brand. So when new customers land on your site, they’ll know right away that you can be trusted. They’ll happily start shopping as a result.

Product pages. Displaying customer reviews on your product pages helps customers on the fence confirm that they’re making the right decision when they go with you.

These reviews are especially beneficial because they’re more specific to the exact product potential customers are currently shopping for. These reviews will resonate with customers better, and they’re more likely to drive conversions.

Dedicated review pages. You can also create dedicated customer review pages that can be optimized for search engines.

These pages, in particular, will help you drive traffic to your store. Then once shoppers land on them, they’ll do an even better job of converting first-time browsers into customers. Again, because they quickly build trust in your brand.

Your shopping cart page. Adding customer reviews on your shopping cart page allows you and your team to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions. 

Once customers see that other people have happily made a purchase with your brand, they’ll be more likely to do so too, instead of abandoning their cart.

So you’ll bank more sales instead of missed opportunities.

This gives you four simple, effective ways to use your automatically collected customer reviews to your Shopify store’s advantage.

Final Thoughts on Using the Best Reviews App for Shopify: Reviews & Ratings 

Now that you know the five benefits of using the best reviews app for Shopify, and you have four effective ways to make your reviews sell for you, all that’s left to do is get started with

When you combine these two powerful platforms, you’ll have no trouble accelerating your brand’s growth and expanding your customer base.

See how that’s possible by giving a try today!

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