Integration Spotlight: Sparq
IntegrationAug 31, 2021

Integration Spotlight: Sparq


Collection Filters & Product Search 

About Sparq 

Sparq provides advanced filters out of the box for your search page. It provides users to filter search on the basis of Collections, Vendors, Price & Tags data from your Shopify store. These filters allow your users to refine their search and identify the right product in your store to complete their purchase. 

It is estimated that stores using filters see an average of 28% better conversion rates compared to stores using no filter solutions. 

With 70% of the traffic originating from mobile devices, it’s been more important than ever to provide your users with search experience customised to mobile devices. Sparq provides a mobile optimised search experience along with all advanced filters out of the box. 

Who it is best for 

Sparq is best for stores having medium (100 products or more) to large catalogs. Sparq improves on lagged search of Shopify and provides much needed filter abilities. The features allow for easy discovery of products, quicker decision making and faster checkout process by the users. 

Sparq can integrate with third party apps like ratings, wishlist, currency converter and push notifications to enhance your functionality and convert more visitors into buyers.


All-round great high-performing app with an awesome support team! A great app that solved 2 problems for us. 1) The ability to filter nicely on a page without having to refresh the page across a collection of products. 2) Allow us to limit searching to a specific collection of products. Even further the awesome support team made some changes to our site to fix a couple of issues we were having. They were fast, efficient, and very easy to deal with. 

- Tane, Oceania-Aviation

This app has been the easiest to set up out of all the product filtering programs I have used. The interface is simple and easy to navigate, but the best part of this app is the ongoing help from the staff. Chris and his team reply extremely quickly and are able to help me with all the design and technical elements that I have asked for help with in a very timely manner. Very impressed with the high level customer service that Sparq provides! 

- Monique Angeleri. Marketing Director, Cadelle Leather

We have been using this app to enable search and filter on our Shopify webstore for some time now and this review is much overdue. Overall, this app does everything it says about filter & search. And it does it really very well. Top that with a support team who is responsive and eager to understand your requirements and help custom make solutions for you. I have dealt with Gaurav and Chris and both were amazing! The search is much faster and broader than the regular Shopify search and users can view what they are searching as they type in real-time. Their filter feature takes them to the next level of everything. Especially the new version of the app where you can create and edit your own filter options. Transforms a simple Shopify webstore to a well equipped professional looking website. 

- Ramandeep Singh. Director, Living DNA Singapore

Integration overview

Sparq gives mesmerizing search experiences. Apart from that optimized analytics, dynamic filters and easy decision making are a plus(The list doesn’t end here). Integrating and Sparq, merchants can effortlessly add product ratings to Sparq search results and collection pages. Sparq will also create a rating filter in the sidebar section of the search/collection page and you can enable/disable the review filter via the Sparq admin panel. 

Benefits of Sparq 

1. Increased Conversion-The conversion rate increases drastically with Sparq.Many customers become frequent buyers as the decision making process is made easier and the instant search gives them better purchasing ideas. 

2. Faster Checkout-Sparq will show relevant results within milliseconds of your store visitors typing in just a few keystrokes. The search results get updated along with the filters to guide shoppers to the right products quickly. 

3. Decision Making-Helps in Decision Making with its great search capability. The search is so quick that there is no scope of changing the decision. This reduces chances of customers leaving the purchase as there is no chance for them to switch to the other application. 

4. Better user experience-In comparison to others, Sparq gives a way better exposure to users. It allows them to customize at their level of thought. 

How do I set up the integration? 

To integrate Sparq with Reviews & Ratings you'll need to enable the reviews integration in the Sparq admin panel. 

Go to Sparq admin panel -> Integrations. Set the toggle for Product Reviews UGC Integration to On. 

Once the integration is enabled, Sparq reindex the store and display changes, It may take upto 6 hours to reflect changes automatically, in case the changes are not visible you can request resync via data sync section. 

For more information, please visit:  Sparq manual documentation + + Sparq integration guide

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